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Polymeric additive paste to provide high wettability and photocatalytic characteristics

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TOSG20190108004
Publication Date: 23 January 2019


A Singapore academic and research institute has developed a polymeric resin additive paste with high wettability and photocatalytic properties to address the current drawbacks of self-cleaning surfaces, including durability and constant reapplication. 

The institute is seeking partnerships with SMEs of all sizes and MNEs through technology licensing agreements.


The polymeric additive paste is developed by the Singapore institute to overcome the challenges of self-cleaning solutions or surfaces. 

Most of the self-cleaning solutions are in the form of coatings which can wear off over prolonged usage, leading to the need for constant reapplication, which is time-consuming and involves increased maintenance costs. A probable way of addressing the challenges is to increase the wettability and photocatalytic characteristics of the solution.

The polymeric additive paste, when incorporated into raw materials during the manufacturing process, has the ability to enhance the aforementioned properties. The photocatalytic capability of the additive enables the breakdown of organic particles while the high wettability characteristic helps in washing off of the broken down particles through the formation of water films, thereby providing the necessary self-cleaning characteristics.

The additive can be used in the manufacture of various products, such as anti-bacterial surfaces, water purification systems, anti-fouling surfaces, composite structures and others that require durable, long lasting, and sustainable self-cleaning functions.

The Singapore institute seeks licensing agreements for the developed additive paste with SMEs of all sizes and MNEs.

Advantages and Innovations

The polymeric additive paste has been tested according to ISO 16474-2 standards and has shown sustained high wettability characteristics and photocatalytic effects for at least 5 years; this ensures continuous, durable, and effective protection when used in products and substrates.

While the additive paste is currently based on polyester resin, it might be compatible with other polymeric materials, such as epoxy, polyurethane etc.

The developed polymeric additive can help increase the functionality and adoption of self-cleaning coatings and surfaces for use in various products. The additive can be used by various product developers and manufacturers who are keen to incorporate long lasting self-cleaning capabilities into their products and also enhance existing products' functionalities.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology is available for licensing.

Requested partner

The Singapore institute seeks to partner SMEs of all sizes and MNEs via licensing agreements.

Type and Role of partner:
They can be product developers or manufacturers of products, such as anti-bacterial surfaces, composites and architectural products who can integrate the additive during the manufacturing process.

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