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Fluorescence detector for quantitative and instantaneous milk fat determination to facilitate milk quality control.

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TOSG20180502002
Publication Date: 10 May 2018


A Singapore research institute has developed a device to monitor the quality of milk using fluorescence dyes. This device will be ideal for dairy farm owners to test the quality of the milk produced.

At present, the institute is testing the Minimum-Viable-Prototype in the field before licencing this technology for commercial purposes.

The research institute is keen to partner SMEs of any sizes and MNEs through licensing and research cooperation agreements.


As hitherto available testing techniques used to assess milk quality are expensive, the research institute has developed a cost effective and portable device called the fluorescence detector.

This device can be a potential game-changer for industries such as dairy, food retail, and restaurants as milk forms an important part of the supply chain in these industries.

The key indicator of milk quality is milk fat. This device uses fluorescence signals to measure the amount of fat present in the milk produced.

The device leverages a particular variety of fluorescence dye which is non-toxic. When this dye is subjected to light, the fluorescent signal indicator varies based on the fat concentration in milk to accurately indicate milk quality.

The research institute is keen to establish the following types of partnerships with industry players (SMEs of any size or MNEs):

i) Licensing agreement to commercialise the technology. The partner can license the technology for further development and offer it to their customers.

ii) Research cooperation for co-development of new products - The Singapore research institute can work with the partner on a joint development effort to bring new products to the market.

Advantages and Innovations

•	The fluorescence detector is non-hazardous, unlike other detection techniques, such as infrared analysis.

• It provides accurate and specific measurement of milk fat molecules owing to the clear indication provided by the variations observed in the fluorescence signals.

• The detector is less costly compared to other technologies as it uses the cost-effective solution of fluorescence.

• The device is portable, making it easy to use for dynamic testing of milk quality in milk co-operatives, rural and sub-urban dairy farms.

• The technology can be licenced in order to enable outreach to a larger audience across the globe.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

Technology is undergoing field testing using Minimum-Viable-Prototype and will be available for licensing after successful completion of testing.

Requested partner

The Singapore research institute seeks to partner technology providers or industry players (SMEs of any sizes or MNEs) from the healthcare or food industry who is keen to explore the following types of partnerships.

o Licensing Agreement - the Singapore research institute can provide technical assistance in offering the technology transfer to the partner for the development of new products and services.

o Research Cooperation Agreement - The partner can undertake joint development with the Singapore research institute to offer to introduce new products to targeted markets/segments.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Germany, Denmark, India, South Korea, Taiwan

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