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An EU-funded regional project is looking for companies in the European Union that would like free access to research institutes in the Baltics

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Reference Number: TOSE20180419001
Publication Date: 19 April 2018


An EU-funded regional project is looking for companies in the European Union that would be interested in entering a service agreement with research institutes in the Baltics. The companies would get free access to test their ideas, products or processes in state-of-the art facilities as part of a regional project that wants to strengthen the relationship between research and industrial needs.


The regional project consists of 15 partners and 8 associations, representing all of the 8 EU countries in the Baltic Sea region (Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland).

The project offers the opportunity for companies in any EU country to test e.g. ideas, processes, and materials with a scientific approach at any of the research facilities available through the initiative at no cost. The project is partially EU-funded and the companies will have free access to experiments and consultations by the experts and researchers at the chosen facility.

Interested companies will be asked to send in their applications and the application deadline is August 30. The project is only available for companies within the European Union.

The process offered will work as follows:

Challenge to Proposal
- A company has a product or process challenge they want to do something about
- The company will be assigned a local contact person that can help figure out how to apply and how to create a proposal

Evaluation to Measurement
- Within approximately two weeks the company will receive information on if they're approved or not, which will be communicated from the local contact person
- If a company is approved they will together with their local contact person and the chosen analytical research facility sign a service agreement detailing the scope of the measurement (experiment) and responsibilities
- The research facility will arrange the details of the measurement with the company and execute on what has been agreed upon

Measurement Results to Follow-Up
- The research facility will provide a summary of the results and will together with the company analyse the relevance to their product or process challenge
- The company together with their local contact person will discuss how the results can be used for educational and publicity purposes
- If of interest, there can be a continuous dialogue with the local contact person in regards to if further R%26D opportunities can be of help in the future

Advantages and Innovations

- The regional project offers free access to state-of-the-art research facilities
- Unique opportunity to use science-based research, testing and measurements

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The projects is open to any company within the European Union that would be interested in free access to using a research facility for testing an idea, project, process, or material with a scientific approach.

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