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Technology for waste incineration, implemented in the installations of the thermal destruction of wastes

Country of Origin: Russia
Reference Number: TORU20180222001
Publication Date: 22 February 2018


The Russian supplier of technologies offers the tailor-made equipment with double loop heat recovery that allows minimizing losses for waste incineration. The company is looking for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The company was founded in St. Petersburg in 2003. The company develops technologies and equipment for waste incineration, flue gas cleaning, and green power generation. The company has a design office with 5 process and design engineers, assembly workshop. The company has also successful experience with a German company for commissioning of big incineration plant in West Siberia. 

The company has developed a hybrid technology implemented in the installations of the thermal destruction of wastes Series "E". The hybrid technology of thermal waste disposal combines advantages of two processes: pyrolysis, with its ability to control the rate of waste thermal decomposition, and direct combustion of solid coke residue. Double loop heat recovery allows to minimize losses and to attach easily additional units for excess heat removal to suit consumer’s needs. The additional bonus of reducing heat losses is a reducing of flow gas flow rate, which makes gas cleaning more effective. Hybrid units of thermal waste disposal meet the requirements of Directive 2000/76/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 December 2000 on the incineration of waste. The oxygen content is monitored continuously to control the pyrolysis and combustion quality. The waste incineration process is fully automated. Various inflammable liquids can be used as a fuel for the hybrid unit: used motor oil, dirty ethanol etc. Hybrid units of thermal waste disposal are modular in design, allowing easy modification to fit customer’s specification, whether to install a quencher for shock cooling of the flue gases to a temperature below 700 ℃ to burn waste with a high content of chlorine, or to apply a dry adsorber or wet-type gas cleaning scrubber, depending on the waste composition, etc. The company offers a broad range of models, stationary and mobile, varying from units with average production output from 47 kg/hr to 1900 kg/hr, depending on kind of waste and required maintenance time.

The company also provides services for the technological design, development, maintenance documentation, design, installation and commissioning of equipment and production lines of processing and waste disposal, as well as gas purification. The company is a member of non-commercial partnership self-regulatory organization "Advanced construction technologies" (Saint-Petersburg), and also a resident of a business incubator.

The company is looking for potential partners, industrial companies, operating in the chemical and medical industry. The Russian company is ready to provide technologies and tailor-made equipment for waste incineration under the commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company provides development, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical design of equipment, installation, commissioning and start-up. As the result of cooperation, the potential partner receives ecologically friendly waste incineration equipment. The Russian company wants to expand its presence on the European market.

Advantages and Innovations

The technology, produced by the company allows to destroy the waste of any kind or origin, including medical and biological wastes with minimal operating costs in accordance with European standards and care for the environment. The company participates in international; exhibitions such as WasteTech – 2015, and international scientific cooperation programs – Ira SME

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: SME, big companies 
Occupation: Chemical and medical industry
Role: obtaining of technology and equipment provided by the Russian company in order to incinerate the industrial waste.

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