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Technology for video monitoring of vast areas that can be used for fire detection.

Country of Origin: Russia
Reference Number: TORU20171219002
Publication Date: 19 December 2017


A Russian company specialized in the development of systems for monitoring vast territories and systems of computer vision has developed a technology for smoke detection at huge distances that is used for forest fire detection. Technologies of intelligent camera control allow quick detection and precise location of the fire. The company is looking for a partner for research and development of such systems. A company is ready to sign the license agreement.


The problem of vast territories monitoring is actual for many spheres of human activity (monitoring of open spaces, airports, ports, and city squares) and especially in monitoring of nature territories, including forest fire detection. Nowadays there are several approaches to the problem: ground, aerial, and space observation. And only ground observation can provide continuous monitoring with minimal period. The approach offered by the company includes video cameras and special software that provides cameras control and automatic solving of monitoring and location tasks. It is preferable to place cameras at high-altitude objects because it allows viewing a larger territory. Using this approach is cheaper than aerial observation and provides more immediate response than space surveillance. 
If compared to close analogues, realization of innovative technologies via software provides a range of advantages:
- Higher probability of detection (less possibility of missing a fire); - Less time is taken for detection (quicker response);
- More precise location of objects at long distances;
- Minimization of operation costs connected with using of communications infrastructure. The approach supposes a possibility to build systems with non-limited number of cameras covering any territory and providing a low possibility of false alert and high confidence in detecting. Now, well-developed are technologies of detecting fire at open spaces such as forest fires, temperate grassland (heath, prairie) fires, farmed lands, oil pipelines and wide open spaces fires.
For cooperation under the license agreement, the company is looking for organizations, universities, research and development institutes, with the aim to sell the technology.

Advantages and Innovations

The developed systems are based on unique and innovative technologies such as technology of tower slow oscillation control, technologies of adaptive optic location, technology of creating distributed video monitoring systems of the base of controlled cameras. 
Together with unique technological base the technology has the following advantages: - Automation of monitoring and minimized human involvement in the process of fire detection by means of special algorithms of computer vision based on a huge database of fire visibility at long distances. - High precision of objects location determination owing to technologies of deformation correction for towers where cameras are placed. - Minimized use of communications infrastructure and as a result lower operating costs owing to information distributed processing technology. - High level of technical support for users allowed by VSaaS technology (VSaaS, video surveillance as a service). - High possibility of fire detection owing to technologies of adaptive optic territory location.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: Research and Development Institutes, universities, small and medium enterprises, big transnational companies 
Sphere of activity: research in environmental monitoring, computer video systems; development of video surveillance systems; development of GIS systems; system integrators; IT and video surveillance systems developers.
Role: using of the company’s technologies for their own research and developments, technological products.

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