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The program complex intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems

Country of Origin: Russia
Reference Number: TORU20170809001
Publication Date: 20 December 2017


The Russian company from the Bryansk region which is the developer of a software package designed for simulating dynamics and kinematics of planar and space mechanical systems is looking for partners abroad for license agreement cooperation.


The Russian company from the Bryansk region has been operating on the software market for simulating dynamics and kinematics of planar and space mechanical systems since 2001. The created software package is designed for engineers-practitioners, for all people who are faced with machines and mechanisms dynamic behavior problems. Mechanisms in the software package are described as a system of rigid bodies, joints and force elements.
There is maintained your model motion immediate animation in the calculation process. Almost all of the required quantities are available for the analysis: position, velocity, acceleration, reaction force in the hinges, springs, etc. It is an efficient tool for simulating various machine and mechanism dynamics: space structures, robots and manipulators, railway carriages, automobiles, cables, etc.; for solving kinematics and dynamics direct and inverse problems.
The software package includes a core and a number of additional modules that extend the core functionality: a car module, a train module, a module for simulating tracked vehicles, an import module of the CAD programmes, a module for simulating elastic bodies, a multivariate calculation and optimization module, a module for connection with Matlab/Simulink and others.
The company is interested in finding partners such as private companies and state organizations to sign a license agreement. In the framework of this agreement the company will supply the software package, and the partner will apply it for his or her own production needs. The desired outcome is the following: expanding the client base, establishing long-term partnership with industrial companies.

Advantages and Innovations

- Model parameterization used in the software package allows to transfer in the mechanical system model such control actions, as steering wheel position, brake pedal or accelerator position. This can also be carried out from hardware-controlled consoles. 
- The software package allows simulating the rake longitudinal dynamics, which fully automates the process of creating a train model and the obtained result analysis.
It allows computing the train longitudinal dynamics in stopping regime, traction and braking regime on the way of any configuration.
- The software package includes an automotive module which is a basic configuration functionality extension combining the models of tires, software tools, the tasks of the roadbed macro- and micro shape, the driver’s mathematical models, a set of standard maneuvers, as well as a library of various suspensions and transmission elements.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner’s type: is private or public industrial companies.
The partner’s role: is acquiring the company's products and their further application.
The company activity fields: are engineering, oil and gas industry.

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