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New technology enhancing the efficiency of taxi and traffic control service operations.

Country of Origin: Russia
Reference Number: TORU20160816004
Publication Date: 16 August 2016


A Russian company specialized in the development of software and mobile applications for taxi and traffic control services is looking for foreign partners to finance the technology's expansion in the framework of joint venture agreement and/or financial agreement.


The Russian company from Smolensk was established in 2015. The company specializes in the development of new technology solutions, software and mobile applications for taxi, car rental and traffic control operations and provides comprehensive support services to its customers. Application of such software by taxi service providers and other operators allows to bring down the operational costs and offer competitive tariffs to their clients.
The global on-line service developed by the company is implemented through mobile applications for a driver and a client. These applications were completely tested and are posted in Play market, App Store, Windows phone store.
The company has concluded cooperation agreements with taxi service providers in 30 regions of the Russian Federation and stands ready to customize the system following requests of the new clients. A new cluster is established and commission is set up for each new region or country. Since smart phones have become an integral part of our lives an increasing number of people start using mobile applications for taxi services. The mobile applications developed by the company allow the complete automatic order processing and result in the significant optimization of expenses of the taxi operators.
The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude joint venture or financial agreement. Within the framework of the joint venture agreements the partner is expected to provide financing for the new legal entity that will be set up between the company and a potential partner. Under the financial agreement the partner will provide direct financing in the form of the charter capital or a loan. The expected result of the cooperation is the expansion of the global on-line services of the company to other countries and increasing of the company profit.

Advantages and Innovations

The software developed by the company allows:
For the operator:
- Swift processing of orders
- to apply a flexible system of clients’ orders translation with the possibility of the translation zone customization for drivers, operators and other services within the company
- to use a friendly interface for order processing
- to use a convenient system of prompts and notifications
- a quick interchange of orders
- to apply access rights differentiation applications for operators, accountants, director, drivers
- to send sms notifications to clients on the order status
- to use a flexible system of tariffs adjustment
- GLONASS/GPS taximeter

For a client:
-to use various platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
- to order a taxi by two mouse clicks
- to get a real time information on the taxi location
- to pay by credit card
- full client support while in other region/country.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of desirable partner: SME, large companies.
Field of activity: taxi operators, car rental operators, truck operators, investment companies
The partner’s role under joint venture and financial agreement is to provide financing for the expansion of the company's operations to new geographic areas.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Tunisia, United Kingdom, USA

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