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An innovative interactive teaching kit for science classes in primary and secondary schools

Country of Origin: Serbia
Reference Number: TORS20161230001
Publication Date: 30 December 2016


A Serbian company, in cooperation with science teachers, developed interactive teaching kit for biology, chemistry and physics based on the use of computers and sensors. The main advantage over the conventional teaching kits is state of the art software that guides students through experiments. The company is interested in commercial with technical assistance and service agreement, but also in joint venture agreements, because it wants to continue further development of software for education.


A Serbian company is specialised for production, engineering, trade and services and exits over 20 years. It is founded in 2003, after the division of the mother company which was founded in 1992.
In cooperation with teachers from the Mathematical High School, the company developed second version of the teaching kit for biology, chemistry and physics. The innovative teaching kit is based on the use of sensors and a personal computer with installed software with predefined experiments.
Use of the innovative kit in teaching allows students to focus on the core problem that is being examined, and not on the measurement and data logging techniques. By actively participating in the experiment students are easily drawing conclusions and the quality of the acquired knowledge is raised to a higher level.
Collection of data from sensors, drawing graphics, creating tables and generating reports is performed by this innovative software. For each experiment there is a detailed instruction created by experienced teachers with a theoretical introduction, the task description, the tools that are being used and implementation.
Today, when all schools have computers and laptops the company provides technology that is simple to use and which integrates the existing devices in the modern laboratory. To teachers who choose to use this innovative teaching kit, the company provides training and support during operation. The company tends to stay in touch to all of its users in order to listen to their suggestions for improvement and to create the quality of new versions of its products together with them.
The company is interested in signing commercial agreements with technical assistance with end users - primary and secondary schools. The software is in Serbian and English, but it can be easily translated into any other language.
The company is also interested in joint venture contract under which it will establish a new company that will work on a further development of the innovative teaching kit and software for education. Investors will get a certain percentage of equity depending on the investment.
The company is also interested in service agreement. To manufacturers of teaching aids and equipment for education the company offers software development services for financial compensation.

Advantages and Innovations

Compared to existing solutions, the innovation is software that guides students through experiments and allows visualization of measurements and investigated phenomena during lab experiments in physics, biology and chemistry.
The advantages are:
• predefined experiments created by experienced teachers,
• appendix which allows independent measurements with temperature sensors, gas pressure sensor, pH sensor and CO2 sensor,
• software in Serbian and English, with the possibility of being translated in any other language,
• generated reports for teachers and students after the completion of the experiment,
• 17% lower price than competing products.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: Educational Institution – primary or secondary schools
Activity: Schools that invest in forming of modern multifunctional science labs.
Role: In the commercial agreement with technical assistance from partners is expected to buy the innovative teaching kits.
Type: Industry
Activity: Companies that produce sensors and/or are interested in forming a new EdTech company for development of teaching kits, equipment and software for education.
Role: The partners are expected to provide investment together with their expertise and/or sales effort.
Type: Industry
Activity: Companies engaged in the production of teaching aids and equipment for education.
Role: The partners are expected to send the company a request for software development which the company will develop for financial compensation.

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