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Romanian start-up is offering a comprehensive solution for personalized services in the hotel industry

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TORO20181231001
Publication Date: 31 December 2018


The Romanian-based IT startup has developed a mobile platform dedicated to offering personalized hotel services and offers for guests worldwide. The startup is looking for partners interested in implementing a personalized guest request management solution via commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement.


The company is a start-up with a young team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, which since 2017, has been engaged in reshaping the hospitality industry by combining latest technology and advanced AI algorithms with efficient management processes. The provided technology is a virtual hotel assistant which helps upcoming guests directly from their mobile phone or from within their hotel room by learning about their wishes, preferences and special requests, while providing easy access to personalized hotel services and events. 

Through the developed solution the startup seeks to help the hotel industry meet the changing needs and demands of customers and the market, as well as needs of the staff. The platform allows hotels to offer personalized services and manage them through a mobile solution.
For the client: a truly personalized experience by offering suggestions and services tailored to their preferences (information about the room, menu, temperature, light, special requests etc.).
For the hotel staff: providing them with an efficient and easy solution for faster and personal communication with the guests and easier solving of daily tasks.
For managers: real-time monitoring of each employee’s activity, a measure of their effectiveness and a detailed reporting of hotel activity in general.

The start-up is looking to expand the technology to other European companies from the tourism and hotel industries through non-exclusive collaborations, while offering support for integration. Partners should be open to commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

- solution is currently being used successfuly by 2 Romanian hotels in the Cluj-Napoca area
- freedom in choosing the services and experiences hotels want to share/offer to their guests.
- eliminates time spent at check-in to define and resolve specific preferences of guests, all this can be done in advance.
- sending of personalized messages and notifications directly to a specific guest before, during and even after their hotel stay.
- The solution retains customer history and ordered their preferences in other hotels in order to formulate suggestions
- Customized guest experience directly from the dashboard
- fully-proved management solution to increase efficiency of staff request handling time by direct application based control and mobile notifications.
- The technology client application is available for a variety of devices and platforms, supports devices using the most popular operating systems: Android and IOS and is free to use by guests of partnering hotels.
- the technology is available for interested companies in a demo trial

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology is already implemented through collaboration with 2 local partners from the hotel industry.

Requested partner

The company is looking for partners active within the hotel industry and/or accommodation services which are interested in automating part of their day to day activity and gain an advantage by offering guests personalized hotel services through a technological solution. The Romanian startup is interested in delivering the solution to non-exclusive partners from the hotel industry by establishing collaborations mainly based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance for implementation.

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