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Industrial IoT (internet of things) control and monitoring solution for solar and wind renewable energy plants

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TORO20181119001
Publication Date: 19 November 2018


A Romanian SME is a developer of wireless products and technologies providing industrial grade monitoring and control services for critical applications. It offers mature and validated standardized industrial IoT (internet of things) capabilities in order to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy sources such as concentrated solar power (CSP), wind farms and photovoltaics. The SME is looking for a commercial agreement with a renewable energy plant operator and equipment provider.


Following a global strategy, the energy industry sector intensifies its effort in lowering the dependency on fossil fuels by providing sustainable and profitable renewable energy sources. To achieve sustainable final energy consumption targets (e.g. 27% by year 2030 in Europe) renewables are poised to be economically feasible and thus are highly dependent on technological innovation, scalability, ease of deployment and cost reduction in terms of installation, operation and maintenance.

All these requirements are addressed by the scalable, reliable, self-organizing and failsafe industry 4.0 ready wireless monitoring and control solution provided by the Romanian SME resulting in a predictable positive economic impact. The efficiency of the renewable energy plants can be further enhanced by deploying the wireless control automation solution as an autonomous self-powered IIoT (industrial internet of things) network.

The SME offers a solution for monitoring and control of industrial sensors and actuators comprising self-powered wireless nodes forming a mesh self-healing network managed by a Gateway entity. The wireless infrastructure will enable the remote access to the renewable energy field and will allow the integration of external tools needed for making control decisions based on, for example, weather conditions, direct normal irradiance and wind speed.

The partner will be able to integrate sensors and actuators from multiple vendors due to the standardized wireless technology. The commercial agreement will refer to the products needed for the physical IIoT infrastructure, installation and integration expertise, maintenance services and customizations in order to reflect the partner’s best interest.

Advantages and Innovations

As opposed to the current programmable logic control (PLC) wired variants the company offers an innovative wireless control and monitoring solution of large renewable energy plants with a direct positive and predictable economic impact. 

Moreover, the solution enhances the scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance while providing autonomy with regard to self-organization and local power management. The flexibility of the wireless sensor/actuator data infrastructure makes it suitable for thermal as well as wind energy plants.

In what follows two non-exhaustive relevant scenarios will be given.

The wireless control solution of this company for concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaics plants presents the following characteristics and advantages
- Wireless, self-powered and autonomous control of heliostats or photovoltaic (PV) panels
- Scalability up to 100 000 heliostats or PV panels
- End-to-end redundant platform. This implies duplicate hardware platforms for management entities as well as logical redundant communication paths for each node forming the wireless network
- Industrial grade equipment. Suitable for outdoor harsh environment
- Data reliability and timing.
Winds farms can integrate the company's IIoT solution to be provided with the following benefits:
- Monitoring of the turbine wear using wireless vibration sensors
- Wireless control infrastructure for turbines to maximize the electricity production and minimize the equipment wear
- Ease of installation, configuration and maintenance.

The company has a vast expertise in the field of industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSN) an important pillar of its strategy being the continuous investment in the R&D activities. Moreover, it has experience in working with integrators and end users to provide time validated control and monitoring solutions deployed in critical applications respecting industrial grade requirements.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for a partnership agreement with an enterprise involved in operating/building a renewable energy plant and also with an equipment provider for thermal and wind energy industry. The potential partner can be a SME or MNE of any size having the market or technological know-how operating renewable energy plants.
This company is in search of service and reseller commercial agreements and it offers services in the form of a hardware and software versatile solution together with its expertise in wireless monitoring and control systems.

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