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A sensor for detecting and prevention of falling asleep at the wheel

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TORO20161213005
Publication Date: 13 December 2016


A romanian inventor has developed a sensor for detection and combat falling asleep at the wheel while driving. The main advantage of the offer is that the sensor is very simple and acts very quickly. The inventor is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance with vehicle component manufacturers.


The invention relates to a sensor for detection and combat falling asleep at the wheel while driving. There are also known electronic sensors warning of falling asleep at the wheel, which notifies the eyelids closing more than 1 second, through sensors placed on a pair of glasses frames with or without lenses. Although effective, these sensors can be considered relatively inconvenient for people who don't wear glasses while driving. The new device can be fixed on the center of the wheel or on the drivers head for example on a cap, and when turning the steering wheel above the critical or when tilting the head above the critical, the driver will be waked up by an audible warning.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantages of the offer are:
- maximum simplicity and low cost;
- is easily attached to the steering wheel and driver head;
- when it's fixed at the head of the driver it is fast awakening, which prevent accident;

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: company, 
- Specific area of activity of the partner: automobile, vehicle safety
- Task to be performed by the partner sought: advice on the use of the new technology; quality control and technical consultancy.

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