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Snow and ice removing machine through melting

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TORO20160919001
Publication Date: 19 September 2016


The equipment developed by a Romanian inventor is a snow remover using the process of melting.
The melting snow and ice machine is an equipment used for melting snow where it falls naturally, blizzard or stored. It also melts glazed frost and ice. The equipment can be used for smooth or porous surfaces that need to be kept uncovered by ice or snow, like parking, flight runway, exits, stations, solar panels,sport fields, etc. The cooperation envisaged is technical cooperation agreement.


The snow and ice remover equipment is a project developed and improved in 8 years of research and testing by a Romanian inventor.
The machine works with an electric motor and uses a centrifugal fan to suck in air at the outside ambient temperature. The air is passed through multiple tabs of radiant batteries changing its temperature and speed. The air is propelled outside through pipes in hot jets at a controlled temperature and grazing displacement. The operating principle is based on grazing directing jets of hot air on porous or smooth, flat or arched surfaces, which melt snow on the way to settle or already filed. The water resulted from the melting process is directed to the water flow of the area.

This devise is designed to keep surfaces free of snow and ice, being a snow remover equipment with multiple applications. Some of the most important applications in the cold season when snow remove, thawing surfaces and/or removing glaze is needed are: parking, airdromes, roundabouts, curves on roads with high slope, intersections, entrances and exits of highways, entrances and exits of buildings with massive influx of population, pavements, stations, open space passenger platforms, crosswalks, sports fields, army floors prepared for pouring concrete, solar panels, fish farms, pontoons, etc.

There were developed two kinds of melting snow machines, one for industrial application and one for domestic use. They are visible in the photos attached.
The equipment can be installed individually or in series and activated remotely, in addition they can be positioned on / partly / in the ground depending on destination. Moreover, the machine can be design with the shape and size required by the using site. It needs to have access to electricity.

The inventor is interested in finding partners for technical cooperation agreement, that can be achieved through technology transfer, integrating of the solution into the partner activity, adapting the solution or searching together for further developing the equipment for specific needs.




Advantages and Innovations

The main advantage of using this device in the cold season is that it removes instantly snow falling naturally and removes gradually snow already filed at any stage (loose or ice cream) by simply melting it where it is without the intervention of classic machinery, huge and expensive created to carry or push snow from one place to another, in this way disturbing the traffic in that area.

The snow and ice removing machine has an electronic component with memory capacity of the working times so it can be activated remotely, a person is not required for commissioning and directing. Also there is no atmospheric or noise pollution, machines can not explode, can function 24 hours a day, also during flights in airdromes.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The equipment is available for testing and demonstration. It can be design for the requested destination.

Requested partner

Potential partners are airports, roads and sidewalks  maintenance companies, banks, malls, institutions, etc., interested in their clients protection and willing to introduce this snow and ice remover solution. 
Also of interest are industrial manufacturers seeking to explore and put on the market the equipment for industrial and/or domestic use.
Their role is to initiate and develop a partnership trough technical services agreement.

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