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Portuguese SME focused on product and process cloud-based simulation services offers disruptive holistic simulation cloud platform for partners requiring advanced simulation activities via licensing or research cooperation agreements

Country of Origin: Portugal
Reference Number: TOPT20170703001
Publication Date: 3 July 2017


With over 10 years of experience in simulation activities for several demanding industries, this Portuguese R&D company with a disruptive one-stop-shop cloud-based simulation platform seeks partners looking for SMEs with advanced knowledge in any kind of simulation activity: multiphysics, multiscale, supercomputing. The company is offering its technology on the basis of licensing or  research cooperation agreements.


Simulation is currently a crucial task in modern product development. It allows to quickly assess hundreds of scenarios to find the optimal solution, avoiding expensive and time-consuming physical testing. 

However, in order to be accurate, simulation exercises require supercomputers and several simulation modules, usually from different software vendors.

The Portuguese company has developed in-house the first integrated simulation cloud-based platform whereby the user uploads the 3D design of the product through the browser, selects what simulation tests need to be run (structural, fluids, electromagnetic, multi-body dynamics, injection, casting, composites, impact, fracture, etc.), and manages all the process through the browser including, post-processing results and optimization stages.
The cloud is the first to supply all the major commercial simulation codes online without asking the user to own any internal license (e.g.: ANSYS, Abaqus, Nastran, Altair, Comsol). It also supplies specialized simulation codes for new technologies such as those related to composites fracture behavior and additive manufacturing.

The company is looking for different types of partnerships abroad:

- Research cooperation agreements:The company would like to enter European R&D consortia open to either using the company’s platform to develop and optimize new technologies or to further develop the calculation capabilities of the platform in order to better simulate the new industrial requests, namely those posed by nanotechnology and heterogeneous materials.

- Licensing Agreements, whereby the company licenses out the technology to other companies either for their own use or further commercial exploitation.

Advantages and Innovations

This high-performance solution (which, to a large extent, builds on the company’s years of experience with sectors with high demands for accurate, fast and reliable simulation solutions) is the first integrated platform where the user can easily run any kind of simulation directly from the browser, without depending on any local computational infrastructure.
It, therefore, lowers the entry barrier for simulation technology to SMEs and for large organizations it allows to quickly top up their internal computational clusters.
By allowing different stakeholders along the supply chain to develop and intervene at any point of a product lifetime using the same simulation platform, errors are reduced and development efficiency is greatly improved .
Indeed, development time and cost can be reduced up to 80%, as physical prototyping is only used for certification purposes required by law.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for partners:

- Involved or planning to be involved in R&D projects and interested in either using the platform as a basis for the development and improvement of new technologies or in strengthening the platform's capabilities to respond to the complex simulation demands posed by some sectors / organizations dealing with nanotechnology and heterogeneous materials (e.g.: multi-core scalability for detailed simulation of very large assemblies like entire vehicles and buildings with high accuracy; fracture mechanics considering the material degradation and micro-structure changes during service life; product simulation considering the preferred orientation of the nano-structured components generated by the manufacturing process; virtually develop new material micro-structures and compositions to obtain a desired macro property).
Research cooperation agreements are the cooperation model envisaged for this type of partnership.

- Interested in licensing in the platform either for internal use or further commercial exploitation. In this case, envisaged partners could be:

• Material suppliers in need of multiscale simulation capabilities to virtually develop new materials;
• Industrial equipment manufacturers including 3D printing companies interested in developing specific modules in the platform their customers could easily use to virtually fine tune the manufacturing parameters in each request;
• Industrial companies interested in building a 3D virtual twin of their entire production line in order to monitor, through IoT, real time performance, and automatically optimize the processing parameters to maximize efficiency;
• Industrial product developers of consumer products open to using the platform to halve their development time by extensively virtual testing their new designs, hence minimizing expensive and time consuming physical prototyping and testing.

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