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A Polish company offers professional engineering, research and development services to international partners

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20190708001
Publication Date: 8 July 2019


A Polish small engineering, research and development company provides services for measurement equipment, optical and vision systems, control, monitoring systems, simulations and optimization,  programming, mechanical and electronic design.
The company offers services for industry, R&D institution, university. The cooperation on the basis of a research cooperation agreement, services agreement, technical cooperation agreement is considered.


The small company from central Poland has been operating since 2006 and providing services for the development of measuring techniques, test rigs and demonstrators, optical and vision systems, control and monitoring systems, mechanical devices and electronics, development or improvement of complete products, processes and software (including embedded software).
The other branch of services are numerical computations: from static and dynamic simulations, multiphase flow simulations, thermal modeling, multi-body systems to own, customized codes for complex phenomena modeling and optimization applications.
The company has also experience in mechanical and electronic design as well as in designing graphical user interfaces. The company has a workshop and lab which allows it to build low-scale prototypes of test-rigs, measurement equipment and electronics and to test, validate and calibrate the devices.
The company’s staff is a multidisciplinary group of engineers often joining realization of current projects with individual scientific research and with wide knowledge on physical and technical subjects. Specializations for the staff members cover solid mechanics, thermodynamics, chemistry, manufacturing technologies, automatics, electronics, optics, mathematical modeling, numerical computations and programming.
Such approach allows for effectively solving problems, often by non-conventional means.
The Polish company is already selling its service in Poland, France, and Germany; engineering/development projects, implementation of the CAE solutions in current client’s development process (simulation driven engineering); outsourcing of specialized CAE solutions; development of customized software solutions and automation of specialized CAE processes. The company is offering a research cooperation agreement, service agreement, technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The most important goals in advantages and innovations:
- time and money efficient realization of tasks and problem solving,
- multidisciplinary, task oriented team of engineers and researchers,
- efficient integration off-the-shelf and custom solutions,
- wide knowledge and experience from most important branches of science and technology,
- network of external consultants from industry and academia.

The other advantages:

The competitive advantage is that the company is ready to take part in R&D projects as a partner. Consortia will benefit from the involvement of the organization at an early stage as a project partner who focuses on the exploitability of the final product from the very beginning.

The company is a market leader in standardization activities. Standardization potentials are explored at an early stage of the R&D project by usage of appropriate methods. Standards define interfaces, compatibility requirements and uniform methods of measurement. For example, testing standards and terminology standards are important for new fields of technology and for developing innovative products and services, as are quality standards and safety standards. Standards bring transparency and trust to the innovation process.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for:
industry, hi-tech companies,
industrial research units,
universities or research institutes,
The cooperation on the basis of the research cooperation agreement, services agreement or technical cooperation agreement is considered for clients from various countries. The company is open for the new challenges in the new sectors from international markets.
The company is also looking for consortia preparing project proposals with demand for standardization activities. The company is able to join projects as a partner or subcontractor.
The development of a standardization strategy based on research results and the support to realize this strategy are tasks that could be carried out by the organization being involved in an engineering and R&D project.

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