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Polish research institute offers custom made industrial robots is looking for the commercial agreement with technical assistance

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20180924001
Publication Date: 24 September 2018


A Polish research institute specializing in robotics and automation offers custom-made industrial robots. The robotic assembly can be used with a very wide range of components and applications, ensuring high efficiency and high repeatability. The Polish Institute is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance primarily in the fields of automotive and metal processing, to develop robots for new applications or with unusual features.


The robotic industry has a lot of advantages. A polish research institute offers greater opportunities compared with other robotic and automation systems. The robot is a very flexible machine that can be used for a variety industrial tasks.
In the mounting components, the institute offers positions with robots equipped with a variety of mechanical grippers, moldings, vacuum, magnetic and appropriate technological tools. These posts may have carriers, positioners, and appliances such as warehouses parts feeders, systems orientation, manipulators, welding, press and assembly devices design institute or chosen from the offer of leading manufacturers, as well as sensors, force, torque or other parameters measured during assembly. To the control of installation, the institute offers a vision system which is built into the stand or in a separate control device.
A polish institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance. It is interested in developing tailor-made solutions for new clients and in identifying further application fields for the robotic assembly.

Advantages and Innovations

The robot has the following advantages and innovations features:
- kinematic of industrial robot is ready and tested,
- very well designed sensors of robot allowing for precise control of production,
- the industrial robot is flexible and easy to reprogram,
- increasing the flexibility of production;
- reduce costs of production,
- automatic exchange of grippers,
- main machine is very well accessible.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

A polish research institute is interested in getting into contact with manufacturers who looking for robotic assembly in order to solve a special problem or challenge in the production process. These manufacturers could come from various branches, such as the automotive branch, metal processing, mechanical engineering.

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