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Polish research institute of robotics and automation offers robotic palletizing technology for challenging conditions

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20180622001
Publication Date: 22 June 2018


A Polish research institute of robotics and automation offers innovative palletizing technology for a variety of challenging conditions. This could include hot, cold, sterile or dusty environments. This robotic palletizing technology brings low cost by minimizing the time and labour and also maximizes corporate profit by optimizing the processes. The institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance with manufacturers, logistics companies and distribution centres.


Robotic palletizing positions have a lot of advantages. A polish reserach insitute offers greater opportunities compared with other automation systems. Robot is very flexible machine that can be used for a variety of tasks. Compared to conventional palletizing devices the product doesn’t need a lot of space but in the same time providing the ability for quick and easy changes the range of products inside. With robotic palletizing system the risk of damage is limited to the minimum during handling packages. Robot can also work in the difficult conditions e.g. at low temperatures.
Current models of robots can carry huge loads up to 1000 kg, which allows their use in many industries. Easy programming and versatility makes them an ideal tool for using in the process of loading, unloading and palletizing.
A many sectors are open for using the new technologies in the process of transport e.g. food market, plants, cosmetics and others. To work in factories producing glass details, where hot product, remove from the oven. Where a person is exposed to harmful conditions, low or high temperatures, robots can significantly improve the quality of work. Models are dedicated to work in difficult conditions, these high or low temperatures, significant dust or conditions requiring sterility. Virtually unlimited possibilities in the selection of grippers, types of robots allow the use position robotic to transport many different details. A polish institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

The robot has the following advantages and innovation features:
- very well designed kinematics and dynamics of robot motion allowing precise control compared to competitive solutions,
- increasing the flexibility of production,
- repeatability affecting the increase in quality of packaged or palletized items,
- increasing security food production - no direct human contact with the produced food,
-selection of different grippers,
-work in difficult conditions (extreme temperatures, a high degree of dust ),
- main machine is very well accessible.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Polish institute is interested in getting into contact with organization who are in need of a robotic paletizing in order to solve a special problem or challenge in their process. These organization could come from various branches, such as the production, logistic, distribution. The Polish Institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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