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A Polish manufacturer of customized worm gearboxes (MR series) is looking for the commercial agreement with technical specification, manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20180618001
Publication Date: 18 June 2018


A Polish producer of drives, established in 1982, offers customized worm gears. The worm gears can be easily modified according to customer’s needs and manufactured not only in series but also per item. The related design, machining, and servicing are also on offer to producers of industrial and agricultural devices and maintenance and supply departments. Cooperation type: manufacturing, technical, commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Customized worm gearboxes (MR series) designed and produced by polish producer.
These gears are manufactured not only on CNC (computer numerical control) machines but also on manual machines dedicated for specific operations.
Technology is main parts of the worm gears are: castings, worm wheels and worm shafts.
Castings can be made of aluminum and cast iron. All the castings are based on milling machines. Then all the processing of the casting is made on CNC centers. After industrial treatment castings are washed in the industrial washer, where it’s cleaned, degreased and finally drained. At the end, castings are impregnated with submerging in a special liquid, which improves the robustness of the castings.
Worm wheels are manufactured by coating the bronze rim on hub cast of spheroidal cast iron. Worm wheels are processed on CNC turning machines. The most important stage is serration the teeth of worm rim on hobbing machines using the special milling cutters dedicated to each size and each ratio of the gear. At the end, worm wheel is ground.
Hub and the rim can be made of cast iron, steel and bronze as well. All depends on customer demands.
Worm shafts are made of steel 40H (41Cr4). After the steel rod is cut into pieces depending on the type of the shaft planned to be produced. Then the pieces of the rod are processed on CNC turning machines, where are shaped. When the worm shaft is finally shaped, there are coils serrated on milling machines. After serration worm shafts are hardened to the toughness of 45-50HRC. The last stage is grinding of the coils and worm shaft holes.
All the parts are checked by quality control department and then are assembled into gears.
Worm-gears MR type is manufactured according to our own design. So gears are not only produced but also designed by the company. Others can easily modify these gears, use different types of metals depending on the request. That innovative technology is flexible what means that allows us to make changes even per item in every step of producing process.
The Polish company is looking for the commercial agreement with technical specification expected by the Polish company. The company is looking for the manufacturing agreement for customized worm gearboxes and also is looking for the technical cooperation agreement after switching the information about products with a flexible way of thinking. The company wants to improve the international cooperation.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantage of worm gears MR series is the possibility to be produced not only in standard versions (as single/double output shaft, output flange, torque arm) but also special, customized versions regardless the quantity ordered, for example:
- ‘reducer’ version with driving shaft used to mount a crank handle or pulley on it;
- version with double-side driving shaft to connect in series gears with parallel holes;
- coupling version to connect gear with motor by the flexible coupling to ensure soft start and equalization of misalignment of the drive;
- versions with special output holes: special shape, made acc. to metric or inch scale, etc;
- left coiled worm shafts for symmetric cooperation with right coiled worm shafts;
- parts of the gear can be made of different metals on request such as bronze worm wheel, steel worm hub;
- use every kind of oil: synthetic, for food industry, for operating in low or high temperatures;
- other customized versions.
Worm gears MR type can be freely adjusted to customer needs. Reliable and precise execution of worm wheels and shafts results in a higher stability and quality of drive.
Worm-gears MR type are manufactured according to own design.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Now company is working on new design for MR series with castings made of stainless steel for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. 
Every year company invests in CNC milling and turning machines to develop and improve effectiveness of production. Company also has very specific manual machines and they customized operations as grinding, milling, turning, chiseling are made.

Requested partner

The company is looking for:
- customers who need not only standard solutions but also customized drives and screw jacks for specific applications: producers of industrial and agricultural devices, maintenance and supply departments;
- subcontractors – producers (only producers) of gear parts: shafts, castings, bushes, washers
- suppliers – producers (only producers) of transmission elements: trapezoidal screws, trapezoidal nuts, sprockets, chain wheels, couplings.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests