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Innovative external blinds for license agreement

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20180427001
Publication Date: 27 April 2018


A Polish company has developed a unique technology for external blinds which allows for gradual unsealing all horizontal lamellas one by one or altogether. The company is looking for partners interested in licensing agreement for commercial exploitation of the technology.


A Polish innovative company specialized in manufacturing and supplying of the broad selection of high quality exterior blinds for homes, has developed the innovative external blinds. 

There are a lot of external blinds on the market, but the innovativeness of the blinds according to this invention, consists in the fact that the horizontal lamellas of the blinds can be gradually unsealed - from partial to full - depending on the needs (for example the upper part of the blinds can be fully unsealed and the bottom part only partly unsealed). There is no such solution on the market yet, because the products available currently at the market can be unsealed - partial or full - on the entire height of the blinds at the same moment. The clue of this invention is in the external blinds, which are mounted on a set of interconnected and horizontally positioned lamellas with two holes through which the transmission belts pass. Thanks to the innovative closing - opening mechanism, it is possible to gradually unseal all horizontal lamellas one by one or altogether.

The solution allows for gradually steering from full unsealing to the partial closing of the lamellas at various chosen levels. This allows for comfortable control of the light entry from total transparency to total darkness. At any time the blinds can be completely folded into the cassette. The horizontal lamellas are made from extruded aluminum assuring a strong protection against the wind and against burglary. Due to its solid construction the blinds don’t whizz in the wind (these are wind stable external blinds). External blinds can be installed not only in new buildings, but also in existing ones and are compatible with the systems of guiding rails available on the market. External blinds can be matched even to the door with the dimensions of 2,40 m up to 2,60 m.
Current and Potential Domain of Application: • construction of all types of buildings – residential buildings, office buildings, hotels etc. and multiple floors.

The company is looking for partners interested in licensing agreement for commercial exploitation of the technology.

The company can offer technical assistance to the manufacturers that implement this technology.

Advantages and Innovations

Innovativeness of the system:
- it allows to control of light entry from total transparency to total darkness
- is easy to install, also in existing buildings,
- can be installed on different systems,
- gives the possibility of running a service outside or inside of the building,
- gives strong protection against the winds and against burglary,
- offers a high level of protection against solar radiation due to the reduction of light and heat already present in the interior.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: Industry. Entities developing complementary products, in order to supply an integrated and articulated offer on the market.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: manufacturers, producers of external blinds.

Offered technology could be easily implemented by the client company, the form of cooperation – license agreement including potential technological assist.

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