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R&D on demand services in biomedical engineering

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20180306001
Publication Date: 6 March 2018


A Polish group of biomedical engineers, working in a form of R&D center on demand, offers design, analysis and verification of medical products from concept to prototype. Types of products: prosthesis, orthosis, medical devices (beds, hospital equipment), wheelchairs, implants, rehabilitation equipment. The company is willing to establish cooperation under services agreement with partners from Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland.


This research and development company was founded in 2016 as the idea of four graduates of Biomedical Engineering. They were passionate about engineering design, numerical analysis and rapid prototyping technology and they get funding in national start-up programme supporting young, innovative entrepreneurs in  establishing companies. 
The unique combination of specialized software and advanced knowledge in the biomedical industry allows this company for the provision of comprehensive services like design, analysis and verification of medical products like: prosthesis, implants, artificial limbs, ocular prosthetics, facial prosthetics, dental implants, medical devices used in hospitals, wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment. The company is engaged in mass production projects as well as in individual (specific dysfunctions of people after accidents).
The main goal of the company is to improve the quality of existing products on the medical market. The mission of the company is to enable small and medium-sized companies to access advanced on-demand R&D services.
The company ensures the technological background for optimizing and seeking new products to fit them into rapidly growing medical market expectations.

For its clients the company offers a unique combination of specialized software and advanced knowledge in the biomedical services industry:
- Computer-aided design (CAD) services - they use the latest software in the process of creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design.
- The finite element method (FEM)- static and dynamic FEM analysis. These analyzes allow testing the strength of even very complex shapes and structures. The simulation is carried out in conditions reflecting the real load of the product during use. This enables detailed testing of the product, without the need to build a prototype, which significantly streamlines the design process.
- Rapid prototyping- rapid prototyping services using 3D printing. Printed prototypes allow to optimize the shape and verify the results of previously performed computer analyzes. They also prepare printouts of developed solutions at subsequent stages of work on the project. Which allows the client to contact not only flat technical documentation, but also a tangible prototype.
- Preparation of technical documentation- they offer the development of full technical documentation and quality documentation in accordance with ISO and other standards, for the projects they are working on. This guarantees the high quality of projects and the reliability of clients, whom they provide reliable results of work.

The company offers its R&D services and would like to establish cooperation under services agreement. This kind of cooperation was selected because Polish company offers specified biomedical R&D services to the other partners.
The desired outcome of an international partnership will be new or improved product/services in medical industry.
Polish company offers its knowledge, skills and production capacities. It is envisaged that cooperation will be in partnership and its details will be agreed individually with each partner.

Advantages and Innovations

- Broad knowledge and experience in many R&D fields such as CAD and FEM
- Cost saving solution for SMEs without its own R&D department
- Flexible and efficient project team with enthusiasm and passion for every biomedical engineering task and challenge
- Solutions offered simplifies R&D processes
- Complete one-stop-shop including analysis and prototyping means simple implementation for R&D clientele

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The concept of the R&D center on demand was introduced in 2016 with the  main goal to improve the quality of existing products on the medical market, as well as looking for some new advanced solutions of high technology.

Requested partner

Type of Partner sought: SMEs, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or engineering companies.
Area of expertise : biomedical engineering.
Role of Partner Sought: outsourcing some of the R&D activities related with specific project.

Dissemination Countries

Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom

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