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Manufacturing services and technical cooperation offered by a Polish industrial enterprise specialised in design and production of plastic parts

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20161122002
Publication Date: 22 November 2016


An industrial enterprise from Poland, specialised in production of plastic parts, designing, construction, manufacturing and remanufacturing of injection moulds and implementation of prototype designs for the automotive industry and other branches, such as electronics, household appliances, construction, gardening is offering manufacturing services for industrial companies and technical cooperation.


he company was established in 1968 and since the beginning of its activity it has been specialised in manufacturing components for the automotive and construction industries. In 1993 the company implemented and patented two types of fuel filters.

The company has made significant investments in modern machinery stock and also in training and professional development of its staff.

Currently, they are cooperating with the largest producers of car filters in Poland and the world, supplying plastic parts as well as many other plastic units, including parts of interior, for the automotive industry. Besides, the company is a producer of plastic components for the construction industry, household appliances, electronics industries and many others.

The technological offer of the company includes design, development and production of injection moulds (cold runner and hot runner, hydraulic core, unscrewing mechanisms), execution and implementation of prototype projects for different industries, regeneration and repair of injection moulds with a weld laser, etc. The company also offers services in designing and preparation of 3D documentation, machining services and technological consultancy.

Over the last three years the company produced more than 200 injection moulds and several dozens of prototypes for the automotive, electronic, electric, construction, gardening industries as well as household appliances and audio/video devices industries. The products offered meet high technical requirements, thus, their distinctive features are durability, aesthetics and precision of manufacturing.

The company is offering manufacturing services for industrial companies in the branches listed above and technical cooperation in terms of development and manufacturing of plastic components as well as servicing injection moulds.









Advantages and Innovations

High quality of products, full range of services provided, competitive prices, short deadlines, efficient and competent personnel, meeting a client's individual needs.


- developing innovative solutions in use of polymers to increase strength and flexibility of materials,

- application of hydrophobic coats in moulded plastic components. Hydrophobic coats reduce dust adherence to surfaces, which is advantageous for plastic components and filters used in the automotive branch.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Industrial companies and SMEs in the automotive branch as well as electronics, household appliances, construction, gardening industries searching for a professional manufacturer of high quality plastic components or provider of services in regeneration and repair of injection moulds. Partners may obtain technological and technical consultation in terms of design of moulded plastic automotive components.

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