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The development and series production of high-end opto-mechanic modules for space applications

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TONL20200611001
Publication Date: 11 June 2020


A Dutch SME develops and produces precision opto-mechanical instruments for the space sector. Most important innovation is their expertise in co-developing of small ruggedized sensitive instruments and producing next generation laser-based modules for satellite applications. The SME is interested in manufacturing agreements with technical assistance for transferring the know-how and technology to prime space contractors.


The Dutch SME develops and produces precision optomechanical instruments. The instruments are built as a module and incorporated into a larger system, such as a satellite or ground station, in which they make a crucial contribution to laser-based satellite communication. This is an advanced form of communication that solves the current problems and limitations of radio frequency communications. Satellite communication via laser is more efficient, faster and more secure and, in the long term, it will be the preferred technology for quantum key distribution.

As experts in opto-mechatronics, the Dutch SME has been closely involved in the European space program since 2014. Based on their know-how and technology the first next generation laser based communication modules for satellite applications have been realized. Since then, laser communication technology for the aerospace market has developed explosively.

The SME is ready and stand-by for market players who are committed to new forms of satellite communication. More specific the SME is currently working on the development and production of laser communication terminals for various types of satellites, such as Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and the rapidly emerging nanosatellites (Cubesats).

The Dutch SME is interested in a manufacturing agreement with technical assistance for transferring the know-how, instruments, modules or parts thereof.

The desired partners are prime space contractors that know how to comply with space requirements and programs. The partner is expected to deliver the first concept specifications, to be a co-developer and to deliver the final test specifications just before activating the application in space.

Advantages and Innovations

Most important advantages and innovations are:
• An extensive knowledge about the industrialization and the manufacturability of knowledge intensive high value high-tech opto-mechatronic based instruments, including the associated software development.
• A vast experience in developing, qualifying and perfecting prototypes and preparing for and launching series production.
• A team of highly trained employees that are used to think in micrometres.
• The most updated production facilities that can process special aluminum alloys, titanium, invar or other more exotic materials.
• The expertise on optomechanical tolerance analysis and precision gluing of optical instruments.
• The expertise on the assembly of modules in clean rooms, internal pre-qualification and testing.
• The ability to maintain the quality of the optomechanical module for laser communication at the very highest level and meet highest standards.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner:
Industry, research connected to space industry

Prime space contractors for ground stations and satellites using optomechatronic instruments, modules or parts thereof.
The desired partner(s) should be interested in a cost effective, robust, high quality, high accurate optomechatronic based applications.

Role of the partner:
The partner is desired to be the prime space contractor that knows how to comply with the space program and to give input for the development and application of the optomechatronic instrument, module or parts thereof.

The Dutch SME is interested in a manufacturing agreement with technical assistance for the co-development and production of the optomechatronic instrument, module or parts thereof. The associated software will be developed and also training, maintenance and services are part of the agreement.

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