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A Dutch Control monitoring and tuning software company is looking for partners for research or technical cooperation

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TONL20190702001
Publication Date: 2 July 2019


A Dutch SME offers control monitoring and tuning software for industrial processes, wind turbines and smart grids. The company looks for research proposals to join, and apply their knowledge. The envisaged partnership would be research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


The Dutch company develops tailor made solutions to challenging control problems that increase the profits of technical installations like wind turbines, Industrial control systems or mechatronic control sytems. Approximately 50% of the company's activities are on wind turbine control, other activities are on process control. In addition, teh company develops 3D printer control software. The products include high performance wind turbine controller code that is suitable for certification and practical use. The company looking for partners active in windenergy or 3d printing that are looking for partners for R&D projects or technical cooperations.

Advantages and Innovations

The company's expertise leads to:

• maintaining a higher level of production quality and quantity by rapidly identifying issues
• reducing CO2 emissions and energy waste
• diagnosing issues, and help resolving them, or reducing them
• reducing unnecessary alarms

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for industrial partners  for research and development projects or technical cooperation to implement their expertise on challenging controller problems.

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