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An intelligent speed bump solution for traffic calming

Country of Origin: Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of
Reference Number: TOMK20170926001
Publication Date: 26 September 2017


A Macedonian engineering company is offering an intelligent speed bump that allows for remote operation and configuration that significantly improves the driving experience. The main advantage results from the bump’s activation and elevation only when driving speed is above the set limit, resulting in considerable reduction of noise, potential damages and injuries, fuel consumption and air pollution. Partners for license and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.


Since their introduction the traditional speed bumps have been the main tool used by the traffic engineers for limiting the driving speed, particularly in the vulnerable traffic areas. Traditional speed bumps do work, but they also raise considerable safety and cost-related issues, including potential injuries of the passengers, adverse effects on the buses and damages to the overpassing vehicles. Additionally, the traditional speed bumps force vehicles to repeatedly slow down and speed up, which almost doubles the amount of the exhaust gasses and have high impact on the fuel consumption. 

To address these challenges, the Macedonian engineering company has developed an intelligent speed bump that combines electronics and software for the purpose of securing high level of responsiveness and height adaption, depending on the driving speed. When the driving speed is above the set limits, the bump acts as a traditional speed bump, whereas for the compliant drivers the bump is on the road level, thus improving the overall driving experience. The solution is composed of a set of integrated sensors used for measuring of the driving speed and a microcontroller used for running a software that regulates the bump’s responsiveness and provides valuable data sets. The software can also offer a variety of advanced features, including possibility for dynamic settings in line to specific traffic needs (e.g. different speed limits during day and night). As such, the solution encourages more controlled and consistent driving speeds, enables smoother driving, and improves the overall environmental footprint in the concerned traffic areas.

The company has successfully finished the prototype stage and has started to explore the potentials for commercialisation of the solution. In this regard, the company is looking for industrial partners who will facilitate the market introduction of the proposed intelligent speed bump. The commercialisation path can either involve licensing or selling out the proposed solution under the terms of license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance, respectively. In both cases the Macedonian company expects to enrich its base of international clients and to improve its brand recognition, whereas the potential partners would benefit from improved customer satisfaction and higher financial gains.

Advantages and Innovations

• Increased scope of usability: for instance, the bump can be used more frequently alongside the bus routes, providing smoother and safer driving experience.
• Improved environmental footprint: the solution reduced the level of noise, fuel consumption and air pollution as the bump is activated only for the fast drivers that represent less than 2% of the drivers.
• Allows remote operation and configuration: intelligent speed bumps offer remote administration and configuration, all types of statistics, big data and other advanced features.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: 
- Manufacturers or suppliers of traffic safety equipment (including traffic signs, signalisation, street equipment, and similar)
- Road construction and maintenance companies

Role of partner sought:
The manufacturers of similar products should be willing to license in the proposed solution whereas the equipment suppliers and road construction companies are offered to use the solution under commercial terms with the Macedonian company providing the technical support whenever needed.

Tasks to be performed:
The producers of traffic safety equipment should be willing to introduce the solution into their existing portfolio and engage in its production under license. On the other hand, the commercial partners should buy and/or promote the solution to their clients (in the case of equipment suppliers) or purchase it for the needs of their existing or future projects (road construction and maintenance companies). The Macedonian company will provide necessary technical adjustments as well as assistance in the overall process of installation and maintenance of the product.

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