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Technology for dynamic power consumption monitoring and data acquisition for production processes management

Country of Origin: Latvia
Reference Number: TOLV20180514001
Publication Date: 14 May 2018


An industrial research institute from Latvia has developed modular and flexible hardware and software solution that enables dynamic power consumption monitoring and sensor data acquisition with high data resolution, data transfer rate and synchronization with production processes. It is advanced sensor system for Industry4.0, ISO50001, and ISO9001. The research institute offers commercial agreement with technical assistance or research cooperation for further development of the system.


In many production processes there is a need for monitoring of technological parameters and registration of sensor data. There are various existing measurement systems, produced by different manufacturers using different software’s, thus it is very complicated for specialists to analyse such data, as it also has different format or time domain. For this reason data import (transfer) to production management system like SAP (systems applications and products) databases is a very difficult, time-consuming and costly process. 

In opposition to alternative devices that mostly allow to monitor specific in built parameters, the offered technology allows it's user to choose what kind of parameters needs to be monitored.

The industrial research institute from Latvia involved in research and experimental development on engineering has developed dynamic power consumption monitoring and data acquisition system (DEPUIS). It is a smart technology assistant for production process management consisting of modular and flexible hardware and software solution.
The hardware and software solution simultaneous measure bidirectional power flow both in AC and DC (alternating current and direct current) grids, vibration, temperature, humidity, CO2 (carbon-dioxide), and other production process parameters. The data are stored in database, but software include efficient and predictive maintenance analysis tools.

DEPUIS combines precision measurements from various types of sensors, thus software can apply necessary analytic tools (predictive maintenance, daily workload, efficiency, production cycles, consumption, etc., and with developed data structure, interpretation and data migration APIs (application programming interface), it enables automatic data transfer to other databases (like SAP, SIEMENS Mindsphere, etc.).

DEPUIS architecture consists of sensor nodes (primarily current and voltage sensors, with possibility to add additional sensor types like positioning sensors, relay, end switches, temperature, humidity, motion detection, vibration sensors, etc.), where analogue signals are converted into digital data format. Then using optical fibre cable (high data transfer ratio, immunity to EMI (electromagnetic interference) disturbances) or wireless communications – WiFi (data acquisition time is less critical) digital signal is sent to communication node (segment controller), where preliminary data processing and conversion is carried out and consequently pre-processed data are sent to a DEPUIS cloud database. Communication node also has extra inputs to obtain industrial PLC (programmable logic controller) or ProfiNet, ModBus signals from production process, thus dynamic measurements are easily synchronised with real-time production processes. The communication is bi-directional, enabling to send control signals to the production process PLCs (programmable logic controller) if necessary, like “emergency stop”, “maintenance mode”.

The measured data using ProfiNet can be sent to existing SQL (structured query language) based databases like SIEMENS Mindsphere and/or directly to DEPUIS cloud based database. World tendencies of industry4.0 and BigData is changing also manufacturing industries, creating much more data, thus the implementation of optical fibre with existing ProfiNet can solve this problem.

The research institute is looking for partners, interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance for integration of the developed technology into industrial process management systems or research cooperation agreement for further development of the system.



Advantages and Innovations

The technological novelty of the system lies in the novel data processing method of voltage and current measurements with the aim to obtain the true values of electrical power/energy consumption. Unlike existing smart meters, which are calibrated for sinusoidal voltage forms and AC network frequency of 50 Hz, the developed method and hardware solution allows accurate measurements of current and voltage signals of any form (non-sinusoidal are very common at industrial robotic production lines).

Technology allows to measure dynamic (20ms) AC and DC electric parameters in both directions with high resolution and precision in industrial environment (error level not more than 2%) and it has a very high electromagnetic interference immunity.

System is modular and with easy expandable functionality (pay only what you need).

System has ability to synchronously measure several physical sensor data whereas existing solutions are oriented only for current and voltage data acquisition.

Modularity and improved functionality since IT (Information Technology) solution allowing incorporation of electrical data into production process data (real and planned) as well as maintenance requirement data.

Various communication technology solutions (optic fibre, ProfiNet and WiFi) allows easy integration of DEPUIS system into existing client infrastructure systems.

DEPUIS system software architecture (developed API modules) enables direct data transfer to existing client software databases.

Developers are open to end-user inquiries for other system modifications, as well as cooperation with other research institutions or system integrators for further technology development and advancement or integration into complex production systems.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

- electric parameter measurement module has been tested in one manufacturing environment
- next step is to test DEPUIS system in various manufacturing types, advance system functionality and analytic software modules

Requested partner

Type of partner sought - companies or R&D organisations.

Companies - integration of the system in manufacturing processes – testing, application and adaptation.

Research institutions - cooperation in research projects for automation of manufacturing processes.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests