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Technology for production of substances for remediation of soil from oil pollution

Country of Origin: Latvia
Reference Number: TOLV20171213001
Publication Date: 3 January 2018


A company from Latvia engaged in bioreactor production has developed technology for production of bacterial material for remediation of oil-product polluted soil. The bacterial material is produced in bioreactor system and further is used for soil remediation. The technology is environmentally friendly and has proven its effectiveness in praxis. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Oil-product contaminated soil has negative impact on the environment, economy and society. Exists a variety of remediation technologies for soil contaminated with of oil products and each method has some advantages and disadvantages. Among these technologies there are methods of remediation of soil by microorganisms which are capable of degrading hydrocarbon contaminants. Microbial degradation is the major and ultimate natural mechanism.  Among the microorganisms bacteria are one of the most active agent in oil product degradation. Several bacterial strains are even known to feed exclusively on hydrocarbons. The bioremediation method is cost-effective and lead to complete degradation of pollutants into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and transformation of complex organic contaminants to simpler organic compounds. The technology of bioremediation of oil product contaminated soil is based on enrichment of soil with strains of bacteria which are active in oil product degradation. This bacterial material can be effectively grown in bioreactors in controlled environment.
A Latvian company with long lasting experience in bioreactor development and manufacturing has developed a system of bioreactors for production of bacterial material. The system consists of 30, 100 and 800 litre bioreactors. Another 800 litre container is used for storage of substrate. In every bioreactor the temperature, pH, pO2 level and other essential parameters are automatically controlled. The time profiles of automatic substrate feeding rate can be adjusted. The sterilization possibility of all fermentation system including pipelines is ensured. The bioreactors meet up-to-date requirements and includes innovative solutions, e.g. model based control of fed-batch and novel magnetic drives.
The biological product obtained in bioreactors is dispersed on / mixed with contaminated soil where bacteria digest oil pollution.
The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance for installation of bioreactor line including provision of microbiological material.

Advantages and Innovations

•	The isolated bacterial strains are proven to be very effective for oil pollutant digestion.
• The production process of bacterial material is fully automated.
• The bioreactors are equipped with novel magnetic coupling mixers.
• A SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) software is used to ensure the compliance with GMP (Good manufacturing practices) rules.
• The quality system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner sought – companies or other institutions interested in decontamination of oil polluted soil/areas or producers of substances for soil remediation.
Role of partner sought – installation of the system for production of bacterial material for remediation of oil-product polluted soil.

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