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Lithuanian tech SME offers a tech solution for integrated stock control with Amazon e-marketplace

Country of Origin: Lithuania
Reference Number: TOLT20190527001
Publication Date: 28 May 2019


Lithuania based electronic data interchange (EDI) provider serving more than 2,000 customers with a volume of 18 million electronic documents carried annually is looking for a partner to work under commercial agreement with technical assistance, who would be interested introducing software platform in the local market.


Lithuania based electronic data interchange (EDI) SME has developed a unique cloud-based technology platform allowing easy integration with Amazon marketplace. Integration can be made with any enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, warehouse or e-commerce system. Integration is available with Amazon Seller & Vendor accounts. 
After integration is complete user can manage most processes directly from his system, including enabling you to update your inventory and prices, get orders, send invoices, import sales data, download reports, and much more.
Technology developer is looking for a partner to work under commercial agreement with technical support.

Advantages and Innovations

Some processes that can be integrated and automated:
- Automatic renewal of stock inventory and prices
- Importing of sales / invoices to your accounting system (when billing is performed by Amazon)
- Automatic export of Amazon report data (inventory, sales, write-offs, advertising costs, etc.)
- Receiving orders from Amazon directly to the accounting system
- Sending order acknowledgments, advice notes and invoices to Amazon

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Partner sought is expected to become official representative of the product in the local market. Partner would be expected to help with commercial issues and initial stages of the project, technical implementation will be done by Lithuanian company.

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