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A Korean company with expertise in advanced antenna technology is seeking collaborative partners. Partnerships sought are as follows: joint venture agreement, license agreement and manufacturing agreement.

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20210121002
Publication Date: 21 January 2021


A Korean company provides advanced antenna products and technology for wireless communication, RADAR system and wireless sensing system. Its technology can satisfy customized specifications of wireless system and applications. Currently the company provides its antennas for telecommunication and ITCS(Information Technology and Computer Science)companies in Japan and Korea. However, its target markets can be anywhere in use of 5G mobile networks, satellite services, vehicle networking or the IoT.


Wireless is the key technology that enables institutions to extend their existing networks into areas, where hardwiring would be expensive or difficult. As wireless allows users to achieve mobility and location independence, it is not too much to say that everything’s being connected via wireless. In the past 25 years, wireless application services have become more diverse, with international standardization and related regulations becoming more stringent. As the quality and overall performance of the wireless system are largely dependent on the antenna technology, it also has to evolute to satisfy customers’ requirements, who look for better services that are easy, inexpensive but fast. 

Along with the rising demand, a Korean company developed a new antenna technology that can be applied in a small size, even in severe radio regulations or at a long distance with a high data rate. Its antenna technology is applied to a wide range including, telecommunication, defence and satellite, wifi, vehicle and ITCS(Information Technology and Computer Science)areas.

While the company’s low-profile antenna produces large volumes of small antenna arrays in an easy and cost-efficient way that can be applied to smartphones and different satellite services, it seeks to produce antennas for future mobile networks through different types of antennas using massive MIMO(Multi Input Multi Output) array. Also, the company provides antennas with high-isolation for ICS(Interference Cancellation System)repeater with omni-directional wifi antennas for wireless access points.

The company not only has omni-directional wifi antennas for AP(wireless Access Points) but is also able to produce beam shaping antenna in parasitic slow-wave structure for aircrafts or satellites in need of non-fixed systems. Moreover, active antennas for global navigation services and antennas for military purposes or omni-directional antenna for UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and drones are also offered by the company. For the mobility sector, the company has RSE(Radiated Spurious Emission) antennas for ETCS(Electronic Toll Collection System) and collision protection radar system for cars.

Also, the company offers customized antennas and OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) according to customer’s needs. Customized development is one of the strengths of this company. For more than 20 years, the company has been customizing antennas for the leading global wireless companies. All the more,
company’s team of engineers manages each and every step of development and production, from link budget studies to quality control. The Korean company now seeks for companies, institutes or universities that are related to wireless system commercialization or are interested in research and co-development of customized antenna technology for customers.

*According to the types of partnerships sought by the company, the company’s expectations are as follows:

- Joint venture agreement: the Korean company is willing to establish a joint venture in any place, agreed with its partner.

- License agreement: the Korean company is open to both licensing in and out. As stated above, potential clients can be electronic parts manufacturers which include RF module companies. By sharing technologies, the company can provide the optimal customized products.

- Manufacturing agreement: the Korean company is offering to manufacture customized products in Korea, according to the needs of the partnering company for export. This includes not only manufacturing the item itself but also assessing the technology after the product is made before its final development.

Advantages and Innovations

	More than 20 years of experience in antenna technology development and on-site operation experience
 Supplies optimally customized antenna technology and products through customer's link budget analysis
 Develops military antennas and antennas for GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System)
 High-quality antenna technology and repeaters with high-isolation
 R&D partnership with the world’s top 10 DAS(Distributed Antenna System) companies
 Short lead time

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: companies, institutes or universities
- Specific area of activity of the partner: wireless system commercialization, research and co-development
- Task to be performed: wireless system commercialization, co-development and service.

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