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A Korean university with technology for a coffee machine for different types of coffee is seeking a partner for commercialization

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20200110001
Publication Date: 10 January 2020


A Korean university has developed technology for brewing coffee which can make several kinds of motion for dripping water. It can also brew coffee with cold water to make drip coffee or Dutch coffee. This technology can help people make various styles of coffee and also in making large quantities of coffee. This university wants a partner who can support commercialization of this technology into the world market.


This Korean university is specialized in developing innovative technologies and commercialize them through their Technology Management Center. With their current technology, they are seeking for partners in world market to commercialize their multi-style coffee machine. 
This technology is developed to support people who enjoy different styles of coffee. Existing coffee machines can only produce one style of coffee and in small quantity. With this new technology, people can have various styles of coffee as it includes a device that has various motions to drip water to the coffee beans. Comparing with existing technology, it makes coffee with cold water and in larger quantity.

With smart devices such as mobile phones, users can check conditions of the coffee machine including the amount and temperature of water and motion directions for the device. Moreover, sensors control float control valves to maintain the flavor of coffee and even the amount of caffeine content.
This university wants to have global partners who can support commercializing this technology into the world market.

Advantages and Innovations

This technology is an improvement of the current coffee machine to make coffee in several styles including cold brew and in large quantities. 
As this technology could apply into the device for producing large quantity, it saves time in brewing a large amount of coffee at the same time.
It maintains the flavor and smell of coffee for a long time.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Any kinds and sizes of companies related to the coffee market is welcome to discuss about commercializing this technology. Companies which have an experience to commercialize technology related coffee brewing is highly welcomed. Partnership would be expected under commercial agreement or license agreement.

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