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A Korean university is looking for partners to introduce paper-based ion flexible sensors to the market

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20200108001
Publication Date: 8 January 2020


A Korean university holds patents for a paper-based ion flexible sensor that can quantify the concentration of ions (ph, K+. Na +, Ca+, NH4+, Cl-, etc.). They developed a pH sensor that uses low cost newspaper potentiomentric platform. They expect to incorporate their sensor in real-time monitoring incorporated in smart technology or wearables. They are looking for partners for commercial distribution and manufacturing agreement.


The paper-based flexible pH sensor is useful as a potentiometric platform by coating a paper surface with Parylene C. It increases hydrophobicity and improves mechanical properties to induce flexible electrochemical reactions in pH sensor applications.
Specifically, the Korean university expects to use the sensor in the following technologies:

1. wireless communication: design of wireless communication circuit/algorithm related to the ions detected; optimization of communication module such as power, current consumption, size, distance
2. Smart Sensor Prototype: Design and manufacture a board that enables wireless communication with a smartphone or watch; develop headband or wristband type smart sweat ion sensor through app
3. Real-time monitoring: Real-time sweat ion measurement according to sensor wearer's movement and data collection and analysis technology using smartphone

Advantages and Innovations

The paper-based ion sensor is low-cost and can be used in various wearable technologies. This is particularly advantageous since equipment for ion measurement is relatively high. Since the technology is paper-based, it can also be curved/flexible, and it is porous and environmentally friendly.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

They are looking for partners for commercial distribution and manufacturing agreement.

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