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A Korean company developing and manufacturing Energy Storage System (ESS) based on lithium ion battery seeks cooperation partners for licensing their battery packaging technology

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20190619001
Publication Date: 19 June 2019


A Korean company developing energy storage system (ESS) and battery packaging solution based on a cylindrical lithium-ion battery are looking for a European partner who wish to receive technology know-how through a license agreement. 

The battery produced is applicable to any field in need of battery such as ESS,communication,electric boat,and electric power vehicle. It’s well-known for their lightweight,high-efficiency,long-lasting battery life,as well as for low maintenance costs etc


Since its establishment in 2004, the company has been developing and manufacturing Energy Storage System (ESS) based on its outstanding Energy & Battery Solution Technology to solve the energy and environmental problems of the earth.

As a trusted member of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), which is the largest electric utility in South Korea responsible for 93% of Korea’s electricity generation, the company is doing its utmost to become a global hidden champion in the ESS field of energy valley led by KEPCO. The types of energy & battery solutions the Korean company offers are an energy storage system, lithium battery system, battery management system. (The company has also launched residential ESS in the year of 2018)

The company’s lithium battery module has features of superior safety, precise state of charge (SOC), high energy density and long battery life by applying Samsung SDI’s highly efficient standard battery cell. The product is 19-inch and designed for rack-mounting. It can be customized depending on the industry with the company’s unique technology of packaging for small cell and battery management system (BMS).

As an example of the company's superior technology, a science and technology university in Korea that applied this company’s high-density battery has won the grand prize at the World Drowsy Robot Competition hosted by the US Department of Defense in 2015. The company’s high-power, high-density battery played a crucial role in passing prolonged various missions at the event.

Mobile X-ray used in world famous hospitals requires a large output of power battery with instantaneous output more than 20C-rate. The world's only Lithium battery for mobile X-ray is an intensive product of this Korean company’s battery technology. It’s easy to carry around as it comes out in compact size, light-weight and has a long battery life.

The company holds numerous related patents and certification and currently has branch offices in Europe (Sweden) and Japan (Tokyo), and distribution agency in the United States (Texas). Based on their core technology of packaging battery cell and module as well as the product competencies, the company wishes to expand its market in Europe by cooperating with overseas partners. Desired cooperation type is mainly the license agreement, but others including commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement and joint venture agreement are also welcomed and open for negotiation.






Advantages and Innovations

Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries(VRLA), the Korean company’s lithium-ion battery offers the following significant benefits:

A. Assuming the lead battery has a lifetime of 1.35 years, the lithium-ion battery guarantees more than 10 years which leads to a significant reduction in maintenance cost

B. Provides the same amount of energy at about 1/3 of the weight (light-weighted)

C. Depending on chemical composition, technology, temperature and depth of discharge, it offers up to 10 times discharges cycles. The self-discharge rate is only about 1/4 (that is, battery discharge is slow when not in use)

D. Most importantly, its charging speed is about 4 times faster than existing products in the case of multi-power outage

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought
: Enterprises

- Specific area of activity of the partner
: Any types of companies using batteries including inverter and solar companies

- Task to be performed
: Agency, distributor, licensee, joint venture

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests