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A Korean SME is seeking a commercial and technical partner for their customized network security equipment and servers

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20181015001
Publication Date: 15 October 2018


A Korean company specialized in developing customized network security equipment and servers offers its own developed network security equipment, server switches and all flash media servers. The products are customer-oriented, cost effective and highly reliable. The company has experience exporting products to U.S.A, Taiwan and Finland. To extend its business area, it is looking for partners overseas available for commercial agreement with technical assistance as well as technical cooperation.


Companies that are sensitive to their confidential information and newly developed technologies should have reliable network security equipment to protect valuable information by taking good care of their network infrastructures from today’s hostile network environment. 

Unfortunately, not many companies properly test their network security equipment except for big companies or public organizations. When it comes to selecting network security devices, enterprise networks had to choose either a performance-first or security-first posture.

To solve such a problem, this Korean SME has developed the technology that could satisfy companies’ requests for their customized security equipment. The company specializes in developing customized network security equipment and servers and it has had professional experience in this field since its establishment in 2001.

More detailed information for each product is as follows.

1) network security equipment
- the company can develop and supply hardware for various environments where network security applications are embedded such as UTM(unified threat management), web firewall, IPS(intrusion prevention system)/IDS(intrusion detection system), DDoS(distribute denial of service), and etc.
- multiple products lines can be provided corresponding to customers’ request

2) server switch
- provides high-end computing environments based on diverse applications
- offers high-capacity switching performance through a server switch platform
- expertise in developing hardware for SDN (software defined forwarding) /NFV(network functions virtualization)

3) all flash media server
- superior performance using SSD(solid state drive) as compared to HDD(hard disk drive)-based storage
- easy maintenance as a result of using 2 individual nodes per system and a sliding-type coupling structure
- provides high-density storage (maximum of 32 Tera byte, 17 SSDs per node)

The company is interested in cooperating with SI(system integration)/NI(Network integration) companies, security software and applications companies or SDN/NFV application companies that could play a role as a sales of the company’s products with technical assistance. More exactly, the partner company should be able to provide software and supply network to its local customers.

Furthermore, the company seeks for collaboration opportunity to jointly further develop a new type of product by integrating the company’s hardware technology with the partner’s software technology. After the development, both entities can utilize their geographical advantages to promote their developed technology and the end product.

Other types of technical cooperation are also feasible. One of them is to develop an advanced hardware together with partner companies in the similar business fields.

Advantages and Innovations

Technologies that the company is providing with its products have advantages as follows.

- It is customer-oriented solutions by maximizing scalability and comparability to meet users’ diverse requirements
- It is possible to promptly develop and launch products at a competitive price as a result of key partnerships with major components suppliers
- It guarantees highly reliable products as well as after-sales service of all parts from the main board to complete devices through the company’s own development and verification capability

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: Company
- Specific area of activity of the partner: local SI/NI companies, security software and applications companies, SDN/NFV applications companies
- Task to be performed: operating sales, installation and after-sales service in local market with commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Developing a new product or advanced hardware technology with partner companies under the technical cooperation agreement.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests