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Self-balancing device for mobility and transportation equipment

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20180129001
Publication Date: 14 February 2018


A company in Korea which is specialized in electronic components is seeking partners to commercialize the technology related to a mechanical gyroscope system for self-balancing, especially in the personal mobile (PM) industry. The technology is implemented through a simple device for attaching underneath the frame of a vehicle. The company expects to find partners for cooperation under joint venture and license agreements.


A Korean company which is specialized in electronic components has developed an ability of batch process from developing to designing and making trial products. The company has gained trust in the relative industries based on various activities with government ministry and outstanding universities in Korea. With technological abilities, the company tries to find partners for technology about positional control functioned mechanical gyroscope system applied in personal mobile (PM) industry.

The technology is a device attached personal mobility (PM) for supporting users to recover and maintain their balance. A vehicle with the technology has a significant characteristic for safety. The characteristic is that the vehicle consists of two frames: one for seating part and the other for steering part. This structure of the vehicle is supportive for sequential cornering like snake movement without any danger to be turned over. When the body of vehicle lists to one side during driving or cornering, the technology supports the vehicle to recover balance by restoring force. Comparing existing technology, it has a price and cost competitiveness with simple principles to operate. Two frames of a vehicle are connected by plate springs which are located underneath of treadles. Plate springs are regarded as a stanchion between two frames for coping with centrifugal force in driving and cornering. Furthermore, this technology also enhances riding comfort with less wobbling with a simple device. Other equipment such as sensors or software for reading the angle of vehicles is not necessary. The technology is targeting personal mobility industry; however, it is possible to be applied to various categories such as agricultural trolleys, pushchairs, vacuum cleaners and delivery carts. The technology has demonstrated through filed-tests. Through several field-tests, the technology has been examined for its safety.

The company wants to find cooperative partners to make the joint venture and license agreement. Suitable partners would be companies which could commercialize the technology for self-balancing function in electric vehicle industries such as agricultural equipment and personal mobility industries.

Advantages and Innovations

Comparing with existing technology for the positional control function, the technology owns cost effectiveness. High elastic combined materials are only necessary to connect between treadles and back wheels. To implement this technological system, the first thing to do is fixing one side of plate springs with frames of the vehicle. As a vehicle has a list to left or right during driving or cornering, the device becomes twisted. However, as based on the technology using restoring force, the device is trying to return to the previous form which is a condition before getting twisted. Therefore, users can be easily balanced with reducing the danger of accidents. Based on simple assembly, the technology is possible to empower products to have economic competitiveness in the market. Vehicles with the technology are less expensive compared with those with existing technology. Furthermore, it is cheaper to maintain and has less possibility to have errors in the system.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: SME or large enterprise preferable with experience in consortium 

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Any partners especially manufacturing electric vehicles such as electric motorcycles, bicycles, T-bar scooters, wheelchairs and trolleys

- Task to be performed: It would be great to work together with partners based on the agreement for joint venture agreement or licensing agreement.

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