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Equipment and method for test of leak and water absorption of water-cooled generator stator windings

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20180123001
Publication Date: 23 January 2018


Korean laboratory, a department of a research institute, is specialized in measurement and diagnosis technology of plant, and they have developed a monitoring system for a thermal plant, heat-resistant parts of gas turbines, and thermal plant simulator. Since the laboratory provides technology assistant for domestic and abroad, the partners sought should be interested in taking the form of commercial agreement with technical assistance along with license and manufacturing agreement as well.


A laboratory of electric power of South Korea has developed a technology for diagnosis and test of leakage of water-cooled plant stator windings. Conventional technologies are hard to detect the leakage of a small amount of water in stator windings and take a long time to check the leakage state. For these reasons, their reliability is low.

This technology consists of 4 steps: leak set-up stage, air-puffing stage, vacuum-drying stage, leak test(vacuum decay test, pressure drop test). These multiple steps improve the reliability of test for the reasons below.

First, unlike the conventional technologies, this technology can retain the temperature of the inside of windings. Second, it can reduce the winding’s drying time. In puffing mode, it can utilize upper and lower pipe, so it can save the drain time. Third, it adds 'Nitrogen injection and vacuum degree maintenance control system' in drying step of winding. That improves the efficiency of drying time and prevent internal freezing.

The laboratory is open for various types of collaboration. First, under commercial agreement with technical assistance, the team wants for their technologies to be utilized in the industry of power plants which use gas turbines and simulators. Furthermore, they wish their partners to intend to work on technology improvement even though it is already applicable on the pipe equipment to monitor any leakage or if it happens or not because the team thinks that the system with the technology should behave more precisely and accurately, so it can catch the problem rapidly, such as leakage and absorption of water-cooled generator. Finally, the team is open to take the partnership of license agreement in order for their technology know-how to be taken and applied on the partners' technologies or products for development.

Advantages and Innovations

Comparing with conventional diagnosis process, this technology is operated semi-automatically: if leak test is failed, leak parts are found through He tracer test. And it is good at detecting the leakage of a small amount of water in the stator winding.(< 10-14 pF). This is because it senses the change of capacitance in stator windings from a change of frequency of power. And it reduces the time of diagnosis, so it can finish the check process in short-time. Finally, the battery is inside of detector, so it is portable.

Through these merits, it can retain static dry state in stator windings, and prevent an accident.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

This technology is under development for small power plant

Requested partner

Type of partner sought
- SME, larger company, research institutions

Specific area of activity of the partner
- Water cooled plant system, Thermal power industry

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought
- The laboratory wishes their partners to work on the technology to be developed and applied on leakage and absorption of water-cooled generator under manufacturing agreement, and commercial agreement with technical assistance would be also open for the partnerships in order for their technology to be used in equipment and generator of power plants. Partners with license agreement should be interested in adopting their technology for technical fusion or usage.

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