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A distributed repository platform that is applicable to unstructured data management, smart grid and smart city

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20150709001
Publication Date: 9 July 2015


As a software and service provider in ICT industry based in South Korea, the SME is capable of providing demand response management system for smart grid and unstructured-data management solutions. Its solutions and services have been adopted by more than 1000 customers globally and the core technologies will become fundamentals of IoT(Internet of Things). With its core competency. The company is expecting a licensing or research cooperation agreement to collaborate with European partners.


We are living in the data deluge where the big data is transforming business, government, science and our everyday life. In the meantime, unstructured data is everywhere and is most of the data people encounter. However, technology has not really supported doing much with it except storing and analyzing it manually. Enterprises face a challenge and look for comprehensive data management solutions all the time to create more value from data and drive their business to success. 

This Korean SME is capable of supporting secure data storage and agile application development in private cloud environment at a lower TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) with its distributed repository platform while staying compliant with international standard.

The company has been a leading enterprise level software company since its establishment in 1999 with number one market share in Korea and Japan ECM (Enterprise content management) market. Now it has more than 1,000 references globally.

It is currently involved in a Eureka project with some EU countries regarding long-term archivation of electronic documents in cloud. Apart from this project, the company would like to participate in other various projects such as H2020, Eurostars2 based on its R&D capabilities that are proven worldwide. Specifically, it is ready to collaborate with European companies on unstructured data management with its core technologies.
However, it is also open to any partnership including licensing agreement or others to benefit each other.

By collaborating with a European partner, the company assures that distributed service middleware, distributed repository service will make a significant contribution to the rapidly growing ICT market.

Advantages and Innovations

- Flexible data modeling – web based node, property
- Easy access to the repository
- Easy interface with applications and mashup service development
- Cache-based system – fast data processing
- Schema-free data model for flexible response on requirements while operating the service
- Authentication, docs/media transformation, search engine module for quick development of applications
- Security and scalability based on a distributed file storing/managing system architecture
- Compared to the existing technology, it is more user friendly system that could also be adapted to client's specific needs

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type and activity of partner sought : Company, research institute or university
Specific area of activity of the partner : ICT (smart city, smart grid, unstructured data management, email Archiving, digital asset management, electronic document management system etc)
Task to be performed : research cooperation agreement or a licensing agreement on demand response management system for smart grid and unstructured-data management solutions

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