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Patient reported outcome app for cognitive function self-assessment

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20200609001
Publication Date: 9 June 2020


An Italian research center specialized in oncology has developed a novel tool for the evaluation of cognitive impairment that interfere with optimum quality of life. A 18 items questionnaire with score correlated to clinical outcome and indications will be configured in an app for patient reported outcome, allowing remote monitoring. The research group is looking for technical agreements or licensing with companies that develop apps for medical applications.


Cognitive function refers to intellectual processes and all aspects of perception, thinking, reasoning, and remembering that are key in maintaining personal and social independence, working capability, and associated quality of life. In cancer patients, surgical treatment of central nervous system tumors, as well as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormone-therapy, could induce transitory or long-term cognitive impairment due to damaged encephalic tissues or blood-vessels.	
The research group has developed and tested a tool to evaluate by a questionnaire the cognitive impairment that could interfere with optimum quality of life. The clinical outcome and the indications will be easily reported in an app.
The tool can be applied for other non-neurological populations (HIV patients, patients with mild cognitive impairment).
The research group, which has already several international cooperations in research and technology transfer, is looking for companies interested in a technical collaboration or in licencing.

Advantages and Innovations

The patient reported outcome app for cognitive function self assessment does not require the presence of a professional for the completion of the questionnaire and provides a subjective result that can be associated to other objective psychological evaluation tools. The psychologists using this app	will be able	to remotely monitor	their	patients, while other doctors and professionals working in hospitals or private structures that do not have the psychology unit, can use the app to evaluate if their patients require further psychological investigation.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

The questionnaire is already used by the psycho oncology unit of the research center and by other professionals that	are requiring	it form around the world. The tool was validated on 403 healthy patients and on 136 cancer patients with 5 progression free years after the end of the treatments.

Requested partner

App developper of patient reported	outcome	for medical	application interested in expoiting the tool to the market.

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