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Interior design approach with wellness applications

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20200316001
Publication Date: 11 May 2020


An Italian company has developed a solution aimed at combining technology, wellness and multisensory objects to produce light effects on internal environments and produce relax or impact on humour of people. The company is interested in finding partners with whom to develop the project in defined objects, through technical cooperation agreements (joint development or customized development), or financial agreements (investment on the project).


It is scientifically proved that a correct and harmonized use of sound, light and fragrances can impact on human wellness in a positive way. An Italian company located in an island being a Blue Zone, a rare longevity hotspot with exceptional longevity of its inhabitants, proposes to merge an evidence based approach of technology applied to human wellness with the design of unique multisensory objects (i.e. lamps or other objects): those objects are the result of design perspective.

The company has developed an Interior and Technology Design, Evidence Based, applied to every kind of architectural context: from fitness to wellness; from hospitality to retail; from healthcare to public spaces as airports, museums, cinema or
The proposal, coming from this new partnership, combines Technology, Italian Design and Aesthetics Taste, with an Evidence Based Approach, with the aim to design environments with a beneficial impact on the persons.
The company is interested in finding partners willing to have a customization of the technology into defined objects (i.e. lamps or other objects, i.e. windows, wellness objects), through technical cooperation agreement (with dedicated development and customization), or financial agreement (investment on the project), in case of external interest into the project.

Advantages and Innovations

A scientifically validated and constantly updated use of all the
elements employed in the project: light, sound,
fragrances, materials etc. has the objective to produce a beneficial effect on the frequenters.
The impact here relies on the application of those concepts into specific objects customizable depending on counterpart's needs.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Technology is developed and can be embedded in different kind of objects depending on counterpar's needs.

Requested partner

Company is looking for counterparts interested in embedding the mentioned wellness concept into specific own objects through technical cooperation agreements; objects could be windows, lamps, objects related to wellness centres or other public places.
Company is also interested in financial agreements with external partners interested in investing in the project.

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