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An Italian company specialized in developing sensors for precision monitoring in agriculture sector seeks commercial and technical cooperation agreements

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20191210001
Publication Date: 10 December 2019


An Italian company specialized in developing sensors for the agriculture sector, offers its technologies for fields and crops monitoring, to analyze climatic, water and nutritional conditions. Partners are sought for research and technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance in countries like Spain, France, Romania, Greece and Germany.


This Italian company is an innovative startup established in 2017, created by a team with specific skills in the engineering, electronic, IT and agricultural fields. The startup intends to support the farmers in their daily activities. The goal is to support agriculture with innovative solutions in the field of sensors, the Internet of things and cloud platforms.
In fact, in an agricultural context characterized by separate activities (irrigation, agricultural machinery, analysis, etc.) that do not speak to each other, the company enters with a 'horizontal' approach, proposing itself both as a provider of specific monitoring services and as a platform for integrating all the useful information for the farm.
Thanks to the creation of a network of control units, designed to collect data from a specific area and using the most advanced technology, the information gathered in the field is processed and stored in the cloud.
The positive results and impacts generated through this collection and the correct use of information are: a targeted fertilization with nitrogen reduction in the soil and prevention of water pollution from nitrates; optimized irrigation with a consequent reduction in the use of water and reduction of the risks of radical asphyxiation linked to water stagnation; lesser use of pesticides through the use of forecasting models, reduction of waste in agriculture and savings in the energy used.
The advantages of these technologies are many: the control units are independent of each other, simple to install even for those who are not technicians and it is immediately possible to view the data through the web portal and the smartphone application.
This Italian company is looking for partners, well established in the agriculture sectors, willing to complete their range of products. They are interested in technical and research cooperation agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance by providing their expertise and/or their systems, in particular in France, Spain and Romania in order to establish a successful, long term mutual co-operation.
They can also collaborate in the fields of strategy development, proposal preparation, implementation, and exploitation.

Advantages and Innovations

This company develops technologies for monitoring, processing and analyzing data for the agricultural sector, to optimize some cultivation processes: water savings, plant health, pest control, fungi and bacteria and production costs.
Moreover these technologies can control the fruit growth, with gauges, such as kiwi, pear, apple, tomatoes, or beetroots.
This information is very useful for the agricultural sector, because it’s possible to have specifics and detailed information about the growth trend and to verify the vigour of plants based on the climatic, water, chemical/physical conditions of the soil.
One interesting aspect of this technology is the weather monitoring service, focused on the collection, storage and processing of climate parameters, by using specific sensors and calculation models. Thus, this system allows accessing specific and real-time information on weather conditions, to receive automatic alarms when the parameters exceed the alert levels set by the farmer, and in addition to elaborate specific indexes such as Evapotranspiration or Growing Degree Days.
This technology also offers the monitoring service of to detect water in soil. In particular it’s possible to detect the soil and the potential water temperatures, depending on the crops and also the presence of salts. It’s furthermore possible to add another sensor to measure the water supplied by an irrigation system. Therefore, the use of these monitoring systems facilitates a correct interpretation of plant symptoms, useful for programming appropriate agronomic practices, with considerable advantages for the agriculture sector.
Through this monitoring systems, the use the IoT (Internet of things) technologies, the data shall be collected in real time and are visible and downloaded on dedicated web services and app platforms.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

This company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical and research cooperation agreements with reliable partners, well-established in agriculture, that should be active in the sale and distribution of sensors, and also involved in research. The role of the partner is to develop the distribution network on foreign markets in order to establish a long-term mutual co-operation, in particular in France, Spain and Romania, very attractive markets for this company.

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Romania

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