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System and application combining training target and favourite music

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20191113001
Publication Date: 13 November 2019


An Italian company has developed a system and application that uses one's favourite music, not as a simple accompaniment for physical activity, but as a real-time guide to achieve training goals, matching music with pace frequency or heart rate.
The Italian company is interested in finding companies or organisations as testers for the whole system and application through technical cooperation agreements, research or commercial agreements with technical assistance.


In the world, population overweight is increasing daily. With such a condition, solutions that can have a positive impact on wellbeing are rapidly changing and growing.
An Italian company having own headquarter within a Science and Technology Park, with experience in developing and combining research and development in the field of ICT with practical outcomes in tourism and sports, has developed, together with a private foundation, a system and application able to combine the set of sport trainings with the favourite music of the user: the system works to allow the user listen to music only when the training is done properly (the user has to deserve the listening to music!).
The application is now available in a test and preliminary version, monitors the training and only when properly performing own programme, the system allows to listen to favourite music (like a prize that needs to be deserved).
In this phase the company is interested in finding tester for the application, intermediary organisation that could interact with final users, i.e. sport associations, sporting clubs, leagues or organisers of contests and events to give suggestions on how the tool could better target their users' needs. Thus possible collaboration could either be research (in the need to introduce new features), or technical cooperation (in case of customization with ad hoc assistance), or commercial agreements with technical assistance (as well depending on type of partner and need for assistance).

Advantages and Innovations

Currently there are no other solutions that combine the possibility to listen to music and perform sport training by applying a reward system. Other advantages are

- The user selects the favourite songs for the playlists and defines the parameters of the training session;
- The user starts its training session, with no need to watch the screen during it: the user will be guided by vocal assistance in each phase of the training, if pace frequency or heart rate is out of the training target the music will stop and the user will hear low or high frequency cues to adjust the training pace.
- The system connects with different Bluetooth heart rate monitors to display real time data. The “pace frequency” modality does not need external devices to be used.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for companies or organisations that could act as tester for the system and application, interested in adopting it in events, initiatives, sport facilities, as intermediaries to end users, in a preliminary test phase. 
Company is open to research agreements, or technical cooperation, or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Research agreements could be the ideal solution to organisations that need a substantial improvement in the solution in order to adopt it, while technical cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance could be the target to companies going to test the application in events, initiatives, etc.

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