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Air curtain device for museum applications.

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20190419001
Publication Date: 19 April 2019


An Italian research team is developing an air curtain device for museum application. The device is able to preserve museums artefacts from microclimatic conditions and atmospheric pollutants by means of a mobile air curtain technique. The curtain will behave as a virtual barrier capable of preserving the object from the environmental pollution, allowing at the same time its fruition by the public. Partnerships sought are technical cooperation agreements.


An Italian research team is working on development of an innovative air curtain device, useful above all for the preservation of artefacts located into museums or in other historical buildings. The curtain is designed to be a sort of virtual barrier capable of preserving the object from the environmental pollution and adverse microclimatic conditions, allowing at the same time its fruition by the public without the need of ventilating the whole museum space. The air curtain will be realised by using an aspiration vent combined with an outlet one in order to give a well defined flow confinement. A control unit will provide the air conditioning and the cleaning from the pollutants captured by the curtain. The control unit will be equipped with automatic control probes for the air quality measurements.
The project has to verify the conservation ability of the virtual barrier, considering also the occurrence of ambient turbulence, with respect to pollution penetration (both gas and particulate phases).
The researchers is looking for partners, experts in conditioning and companies operating in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning field (HVAC) to reach a technical cooperation agreement. The parties should pool resources and skills to further development of the technical aspects and to skip from a concept stage to a prototype stage.

Advantages and Innovations

The conservation of artefacts in indoor environments (museums or other historical buildings) could not disregard microclimatic conditions (i.e. temperature, air velocity and relative humidity) and the occurrence of atmospheric pollutants (i.e. fine particles and gaseous compounds). It's well known that a major source of potentially damaging compounds are visitors as well as exchange with outdoor atmosphere.
Based on the above considerations, the idea aims at investigating the feasibility of attaining a local controlled environment, able to preserve artefacts, by means of a mobile air curtain technique that could be also modulated to the requirement of every single object of art or of the numerical distribution of objects located in a given space. This feature is particularly useful when different objects are located in the same environment.

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

Partners sought should be a companies specialized in air conditioning field or working in HVAC interested in a technical cooperation agreement.
The purpose is that the partner uses the results provided by the research team and their technical skills to design the prototype and plan a future market launch.

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