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Innovative service for precision farming

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20180619001
Publication Date: 19 June 2018


An Italian SME has developed an innovative technology to prepare a “agrometeorological bulletin” based on the monitoring of the meteorological conditions with the installation of a remote controlled weather station. The bulletin is a powerful tool of precision farming application because the meteorological conditions affect the development of the crop, the emergence of diseases and the attack of pests.


The italian SME company's mission is the environmental research and the impact assessment of weather-climate on economic activities, above all in agriculture. The italian SME focuses its activities on the monitoring of local meteorological events to provide two specific services: the reduction of affecting seasonal events (i.e., concerts, open theater, water parks, etc.) and the second one to the crops defense (Weekly Newsletters with meteorological measurements, results of phenological models applied on plants, pests and diseases, weather forecasting, etc.).
The weather conditions are continuously monitored through the installation of a weather station configured according to the needs of the service to be provided. Over the years the italian SME has developed a meteorological database that collects data from over 2000 stations located on the National and International territory, with time series over 25 years long for the main variables (temperature and air humidity, precipitation, wind speed).
The elaboration of the database information allow to carry out analyses of the atmospheric events (intensity, return periods, spatial distribution etc.) at different scales on the territory summurised in the agrometeorogical bulletin (Bulletin). Periodically, the Bulletin is sent by email (in pdf format), with the values of weather data, the models results and reports of activated services:
- Weather Monitoring. Following the inspection, the variables to measure will be evaluated as well as the type of sensors to configure the weather station with i.e. thermo-hygrometer, leaf wetness, pluviometer, anemometer, radiometer. The weather station, equipped with GPRS technology, will send to server the data recorded in real time, to keep up to date the results of activated services. The weather information collected will drive the development simulations of plants and pests using specific phenological models elaborated by the Italian SME.
- The weather forecasts for the week can be inserted in the Bulletin. The forecasts are elaborated analyzing the simulations of the main international weather research centers. This service represents a powerful tool to program the field operations and to improve the defense efficiency.
- The application of mathematical models in agrometeorology allows to simulate the timing of development of plants and pests in function of the weather features that occur in the field. The algorithms and the biological parameters are available in the scientific articles and they allow to develop models for the main important crops and their pests.
The results of developmental models of plant and pest are described in the Bulletin and represent an instrument of enhanced support for the farm management to the timing of defense, to avoid waste and reduce the risks of loss production.
The model results can be represented on a local scale. Applying the GIS tools, the datasets of weather stations owned by are integrated with those that are available on the websites of regional or national weather service centres and are distributed over the area of interest. This service, designed for the group of companies or for the agronomists who control the activities of more than one company, allows multiple users to divide the costs of building the network, while maintaining high quality of the information.
The Bulletin is already available and suited for the main cultivars. Some examples:
Grapevine, olive, peach, cherry and pepper.
The Company is looking for the following cooperation types:
• Commercial agreement with technical assistance: the Company can sell to the partner an instance of the platform, supporting the start up until the partner will be able to be autonomous;
• Service agreement: the Company can develop software for specific need solutions

Advantages and Innovations

The service proposed can improve economic and environmental sustainability of crop production. The local climatic information provided by the installation of the weather station, allows to the farmer to take management decision according to specific characteristics of the farm owned. The application of forecasting models of development of pests and diseases based on local weather station data is a power-full information tool to optimize the pest management, to reduce the use of pesticides and to improve the quality of the farm production.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Partners sought can be:
- Farmers
- System integrators for precision agricolture
The partner could use service to build applications, or integrate it in existing ones. In particular:
(under license agreement) the company service as a backend, as a service or database for building their applications and to solve all security and privacy issues, to shorten time to market and reduce costs of their development.
An instance of the company's service (under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement) could provide the platform for third party application developers to transfer their data to the field systems.
The partners above could also decide to sign a service agreement. In this latter case, the company would develop apps on behalf of the partner according to its specific requirements.

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