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Italian company offers its European Aviation service providing pilots with additional weather data carried out in real time, during Ultralight and General Aviation flight

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20180518001
Publication Date: 18 May 2018


Italian company developing and producing technologically advanced systems for General Aviation, Space, Defence and Security is willing to cooperate under services agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreement with EU and non EU countries.


The company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Rome, ltaly, is an innovative start-up composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated to satellite meteorological data processing & transmission, meteorological forecast at high resolution, meteorological webserver database development.
The company shareholders professional contributions, with experiences gained in institutional and private organizations, have allowed to conduct the first autonomous research project in aeronautical field, with the scope to offer a weather service for flight plan and during the navigation to the Ultralight and General Aviation aircrafts world.
The current service wants to offer an "ad hoc" solution to European pilots of Ultralights and of General Aviation aircrafts continuously requesting: integrated aviation forecast weather information for flight planning, increased confidence on forecast weather data during flight planning and real-time weather data updating during the flight.
The pilot receives such weather information from a proprietary server through a dedicated IOS/Android APP using a GSM connection on ground (route planning) and a specific satellite modem on air up to 6500 meters above sea level (during flight). The server retrieves information from the World Weather Information Service for weather forecast processing and from European satellites constellation (COPERNICUS and Contributing Copernicus Mission) for providing weather observation during the flight.
The following technologies have been used for the development and implementation of the service:
- internet connection between mobile device on board the aircraft and server on the ground;
- airborne satellite dual modem including multiband antenna to access the service during the flight;
- new algorithm to calculate height, thickness and type of clouds using satellite observation information integrated with forecast data.
Cooperation envisaged are listed below:
- A service agreement with a EU customers is foreseen for market enlargement, since the system is structured to be working in all European countries, thanks to the coverage of EU meteorological constellations. The company will provide the customer with the necessary HW (modem and antenna) and with the access to the proprietary webserver’s data.
- A commercial agreement with technical assistance with non-EU countries is envisaged for market enlargement, in order to analyse the coverage of meteorological satellites (if available) and to elaborate specific algorithms for satellite data processing. The company will provide non EU customer with the necessary HW (modem and antenna). The company could provide the customer with the access to the proprietary webserver’s data or the customer could set up its own webserver in return for a fee or share of royalties. The customer will provide the service management.
- A technical cooperation agreement with a company producing in-flight navigation systems with the objective to integrate its weather observation function into the company’s navigation instruments, since present in-flight navigation systems don’t provide the pilot with weather observation updated in real time.

Advantages and Innovations

The unique value proposition is the very accurate weather aviation forecast specifically dedicated to Ultralight and General Aviation pilots for flight planning purposes and meteorological observation processed by proprietary webserver, through meteorological satellite data, sent to flying aircraft, through the satellite connection, continuously, in real time and updated every 15 minutes.
The main innovation is the modem, for on-board data access (plus Antenna). The airborne modem with its dual antenna has been specifically designed for the installation on Ultralights for data transmission and with GALILEO and GPS signal for aircraft positioning. The Modem has been designed to be modular. The electronic Core is based on a low frequency module which can work with every GNSS constellation and every communication frequency-band satellite for data transmission (meteorological information). A new algorithm computing the meteorological data specifically tailored for Ultralight flights such as: cloud altitude and typology, visibility, rainfall, snowfall, zero degree isotherm, at different altitude, using satellite information.
The only similar existing service provides weather information during the flight but is operating exclusively in the United States.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

APP in ground mode is available. APP in flight mode will be available in the second half of 2018.

Requested partner

Regarding services agreement with EU countries, the company is looking for a partner expert in telecommunication services which provides system service;
Commercial agreement with technical assistance is referred to a non EU partner expert in processing weather observation satellites & telecommunication service in order to set up a weather aviation service tailored with local infrastructures, to be managed by the partner;
Regarding Technical cooperation agreement, the company is looking for a partner manufacturing in-flight navigation system with the objective to integrate the company’s weather observation system into their instruments and/or an aircraft manufacturer interested in integration of the weather aviation service into its aircraft.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests