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Basal electric heating plug and play system for vegetables seedbeds

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20180419001
Publication Date: 6 June 2019


Italian SME developed and patented an innovative, highly efficient, easy to install basal heating system for seedbeds. The electric system, based on modular heating panels, creates favorable conditions to stimulate plants growth and shorter productive cycles. The company is willing to establish commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreements with manufacturing companies of greenhouse equipments and with greenhouse cultivation and seed growing companies.


Italian SME based in the North-West and specialized in energy efficiency solutions developed and patented an innovative, plug and play basal heating system for seedbeds for vegetables, flowers and plants in general. The hotbed technique has been used since ancient times to allow the growth of delicate plants in cold climates, so by creating a more favorable micro-climate. This method:
- stimulates the acceleration of plants development process;
- advances vegetative phases;
- favors shorter productive cycles.

The plug and play system for greenhouses basal electric heating developed by the company is based on modular and flexible heating panels combined with a control system ready to be connected to the electrical socket.

Main features are:
- Modular, flexible, customized
- External coating PVC flame retardant Class 2 - International Protection 65
- Heating element company patented electric textile
- Insulating material E-glass fiber
- Temperature Adjustable
- Electrical double insulation Class 2
- The tension of feeding: 230 volts
- Dimensions: standard and/or customized modules;
- Installed electric power: from 200 to 300 watts/sqm;
- Temperature controlled by company thermostats.

The company is willing to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance with manufacturing companies of greenhouse equipment and with greenhouse cultivation and seed growing companies. The company is also interested in developing furthermore the technology and in adapting it to clients need. Greenhouses' manufacturing and equipment companies are potential partners for further technical improvements.



Advantages and Innovations

Main advantages of the system: 

- Plug and play: the heating system is combined with a control system ready to be used, it is connected to electricity through the client electrical socket without any technical intervention of electricians or technical specialists.

- Economy: the panels are insulated in the inferior part
with the purpose to reduce heat dispersions to the least and to optimize the energetic consumption.

- Reliability: heat is produced by the company patented heating textile, which guarantees the highest safety and operating standards.

- Adaptability: the system can be used for small as well as big applications.

- Precision: the desired temperatures can be accurately maintained by the thermostat control and its temperature probe.

- Functionality: it is very easy to be used, it can be parameterized according to customer requirements and to the climatic variations.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Manufacturing companies of greenhouse equipments, greenhouse cultivation companies and seed growing companies are sought in order to install the innovative basal electric heating system and suggest further improvements.

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA

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