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Italian SME offers polymers metal replacement process to save weight, time and cost

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20160901001
Publication Date: 1 September 2016


An Italian company specialized in R&D, highly skilled in injection molding of plastics and metal replacement processes, offers its 40 years experience and know-how in replacing metal parts/components with high performance polymers to companies in the field of mechanics, mechatronics, packaging, handling technology, automotive, oil-hydraulics, pumps, aerospace, medicine.Technical cooperation agreement is sought.


The Italian company is a high-tech, innovative SME with 40 years of experience in the field of plastics, polymers, moulds and fluid mechanics simulation, design, manufacturing and supply. The company's applications serve several different fields: technical, mechanics and mechatronics parts, medical device, packaging. A priority of the SME is R&D: a in-house research laboratory is active in industrial research projects and technology transfer; industrial research is applied to product innovation, design and metal replacement by engineering and specialty polymers with the aim to improve the overall product features and performance. 

The use of high-performance polymers instead of metal alloys in the production of technical components (for example, parts for engines or other machines) simplifies production, gives more freedom to designers, improves technical performance, environmental sustainability of new products and their overall competitiveness - by obtaining significant weight, time and cost saving.

The SME offers its technological know-how under technical cooperation agreement to companies in the field of mechanics, mechatronics, packaging (food packaging included), handling technology, automotive, oil-hydraulics, pumps, aerospace, medicine.

The SME's expertise can help the client defining key requirements of the material to be used as a substitute, such as fatigue, stiffness, creep, max-min temperature, as well as the environment related factors (chemical resistance, stress cracking, etc.).

Moreover, the company provides design and 3D modeling – either for molds and components, fluid dynamic simulation, FEM- Finite Element Methos - analysis, product and process FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis- and risk analysis.
The company also realizes rapid prototypes by 3D printing before manufacturing.

Advantages and Innovations

Advantages of metal replacement: 
- Weight and dimensions reduction, energy saving, CO2 emission reduction;
- technopolymers, which are used as substitutes, are polymers characterized by technically interesting mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, tribiological performances and low noise and vibrations;
- the injection molding process has a shorter cycle than the metal one: whereas die-casting and sheet metal construction are usually six-step processes, plastics go from granules to the finished part in just one or two steps by functions integration, which help clients to reduce time to market and lead time;
- engineering thermoplastic materials provide consistent strength and stiffness and outstanding impact performance for metal replacement. They also offer excellent creep resistance, can keep structural performance at high temperatures and resist to corrosion.

Additional advantages offered thanks the SME's expertise:
- proved experience in industrial research in product innovation: analysis and choice of innovative materials such as biopolymers, nanocomposites and appearance polymers in different sectors (from packaging to medical and pharmaceuticals, from mechatronics to home furniture;
- the Italian SME follows all the production stages;
- the company provides design, review and 3D modeling and risk-analysis.

Stage Of Development

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The SME offers its know-how, under technical cooperation agreement, to companies in the field of mechanics, mechatronics, packaging (food packaging included), handling technology, automotive, oil-hydraulics, pumps, aerospace, medicine.

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