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A novel wind turbine system extracts more energy from intermittent wind energy in day night cycle.

Country of Origin: Israel
Reference Number: TOIL20171107001
Publication Date: 20 November 2017


Israeli start-up offers a new technology of wind turbine system to maximize wind energy utilization. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are clean and available as long as the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. The technology offered is designed to extract maximum energy when wind prevails and use it when demand is high in day-night cycle. The company is looking for partners involved in green energy, for financial, joint venture, and technical cooperation agreements.


An Israeli start-up has developed a standalone mid-range Wind Turbine based on Hydro-Mechanical HK-CVT drivetrain; it is a new comprehensive solution for electricity production in order to extract the maximum energy from the wind.
As in any industry where robust machinery is required to handle large amounts of torque, hydraulic drive systems are applied. Hydraulics has superior power density, is simple to produce while at the same time being cost effective.

The company's core technology is based on a novel Hydro Mechanical Quasi Continuously Variable Transmission. It is a new type of fluid power machine, and it increases the total system efficiency up to 97% (mechanical and volumetric).

The company's Controlling Systems Strategy defined each turbine as Micro Electric Power Station (MEPS); each turbine has an independent control and operation system connected to a regional operation center. Each turbine has sensors and measuring devices to coordinate turbine blades to match wind fluctuation at the right position, it will reduce the mechanical blades stresses, vibrations, noise and it influences on the lifespan and efficacy of the wind turbine.
Moreover, each turbine can be operated and monitored from the regional operation center.

The system includes Managing Energy Storage Systems (M.E.S.S), it is based on open accumulator Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system.
That provides stable and consistent electricity production with predictable and quantifiable amounts of power by storing accumulated excess energy from times when winds prevail, then releasing that energy as needed upon demand.
Wind is intermittent energy and it is often not available when the demand is high. Wind energy tends to be more abundant at night when the power demand is low.
In comparison to existing technologies on the market, the new wind turbine system ensures a much more constant energy generation by extend the limitation of power production to the lower and high wind speed area. Moreover, it has a competitive cost due to excess energy production, reduced noise emissions and it is applicable for domestic and urban area where wind prevails.

The company's potential customers are the landowners where the wind prevails across the European countries; private, government, municipal or industrial companies. The company offers its potential customers to be a part of clean-tech electricity production by using their own real estate without capital investment, the company provides solutions based on the possibilities that land could allow, and it could be one standalone wind turbine up to a farm of turbines.

Potential partners are those planning to invest in wind turbine technology with the target to set up electricity production facilities in “new wind markets” based on the Israeli company's commercialized approach. Any country that is intending to move the domestic energy production from conventional resources to renewable and is aiming to strengthen the domestic economy could generally be a target market for the project.

The potential partner could either be a project developer for wind farms (pilot), or an industrial player already selling components to the wind energy market. In these cases a technical cooperation agreement can be suitable, or pooling resources together in a joint venture for the purpose of finalizing the project.

The company is also interested in partnership with investors willing to invest in renewable energies, in order to enhance the product development, thus connecting via a financial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

Advantages of the company's system:
• Controlling blades pitch and turbine yaw to match wind fluctuation at the correct position of the blades and turbine face.
• Damping effect – the system has properties that efficiently capture wind fluctuations.
• Enables variable (optimal) rotor speed control, and a steady output speed for electrical generator, thereby eliminating the need for a frequency converter
• The higher torque to weight ratio of the transmission in comparison with current commercial technology.
• Braking system – The braking mechanism is an inherent system, and it locked the turbines when wind speed crosses 25m/sec, and during maintenance to ensuring safety.
• Reduces the overall nacelle mass by half, this will influence on support structure strength and cost.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Stage Of Development Comment

R&D lab stage

Requested partner

The company is looking for financial, joint venture or technical cooperation agreements. 

Partners active in the area of renewable energies, for example project developers for wind farms, or industrial players already selling components to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of wind energy turbines, are sought, through JV or technical cooperation agreements. Such agreements could cover, for example, an engineering service package, a license for the use of the R&D technology, or other options.

The company is also interested in partnership with investors willing to invest in renewable energies, in order to enhance the product development, thus connecting via a financial agreement.

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