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Solubilization and stabilization excipients for the formulation of insoluble or unstable molecules

Country of Origin: Hungary
Reference Number: TOHU20180219001
Publication Date: 19 February 2018


A Hungarian pharmaceutical/biotech SME specialized in cyclodextrins is offering help in formulation development. The majority of current active pharmaceutical ingredients suffer of low aqueous solubility and/or poor chemical stability. The proper use of cyclodextrins offer a general solutions for these issues. The company is offering its specific technological services and research cooperation capacities.


A private Hungarian pharmaceutical company is a world-wide recognized and all-round cyclodextrin research and development company, having the longest tradition. The staff of internationally acknowledged experts have been working on the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, agrochemical, environmental and analytical applications of cyclodextrins. 

The company operates globally and partners with pharma and non-pharma companies both for development of products and formulations.

The use of cyclodextrins in pharma and other industries is widespread since these excipients combine the advantages of traditional additives and outperform them in safety and toxicity studies.

Cyclodextrins are ideal and up-to-date solutions for formulation issues of non-aqueous molecules or chemically/physically labile compounds. Since they are flexible and several derivatives exist, finding a right cyclodextrin for a specific target compound can be achieved rather easily. Formulations using cyclodextrins are up-scalable and industrially feasible, which is supported by the great number or products worldwide containing these molecules.

The company is open for co-developments as well as service agreements. Target industries are not limited for pharma, there is growing interest for cyclodextrins in the food, household, cosmetic, nutraceutical, agricultural, chemical and other industries as well, each with different approach to use the encapsulation properties of cyclodextrins.

Cooperations for partners with their own development are offered under service agreements, whereas collaborative types (co-developments, partnerships) are aimed to generate shared intellectual property and products.
The company is also open to enter into research cooperation agreements, under the scope of which parties interested in exploring the same subject would work together according to their own expertise at their own costs and eventually both benefit from the outcomes of the research.

Advantages and Innovations

Cyclodextrins are able to form inclusion complexes with a wide variety of molecules to improve the intrinsic physicochemical properties of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Thus, cyclodextrins can be used to overcome multiple common challenges in pharmaceutical and other industries, like:

• achieving significant solubility enhancement
• offering improvement of chemical or physical stability
• providing increased bioavailability and facilitated delivery
• resulting in reduced aggregation
• moderation of irritation or reduced side-effects
• being excipients with maximized safety and complete renal elimination
• enabling formulation of water-insoluble APIs in all dosage forms
• liquids can be transferred into readily soluble solids
• they are compatible with several industries (examples for use in pharma, food, household, personal care, agriculture, biotechnology etc.)
• numerous different kinds of cyclodextrin derivatives are available, and they can be chemically tuned for the target compound
• they are also suitable for masking of taste or odour.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: industrial companies (pharma and non-pharma) or research groups (academia and university) with problematic molecules looking for solutions

- Specific area of activity of the partner: formulation or product development in various industries

- Task to be performed: supply target compounds in suitable amount and quality, help in designing the study in the frame of service/research agreement.

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