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An innovative software for management of biomedical storage facilities and stored material

Country of Origin: Croatia
Reference Number: TOHR20160603001
Publication Date: 3 June 2016


A Croatian company has developed innovative software for management of storage facilities and stored material in biomedical research including biobanking. The software enables creation of virtual storage facilities, such as tanks, freezers and refrigerators, and localisation and quantification of the material. Partners will operate under a license agreement or manufacturing agreement.


A Croatian company active in the field of software development created a software programme for management of storage facilities and stored material in biomedical research.
Storage facilities in biomedical research encompass diverse cold storage equipment including refrigerators, freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks. If a biomedical lab wants to get the most out of their storage facilities, it has to manage available space in storage facilities and properties of stored material like storage location and date together with instructions for proper use.
Stated requirements are all met by this software solution.
The software is specialized for biomedical research and clinical laboratories that use storage facilities to deposit miscellaneous and often highly valuable material including temperature sensitive biologic samples and reagents like patient biospecimens, cell lines, antibodies, etc. Software enables users to create a virtual copy of each storage facility reflecting faithfully its design and capacity. Thus, diverse storage facilities encompassing liquid nitrogen tanks, freezers (-140oC, -80oC and -20oC) or refrigerators can be managed by this software with the following advantages:
• virtual form of particular storage facility
• virtual storage of lab reagent, samples and material with inspection of box and rack content per mouse click
• reporting of available empty space
• expiry and quantity alarms for stored material
• location search of stored material by name and barcode

The company is looking for producers of biomedical storage facilities who will incorporate the software into their products which will add value to the producer and could help to further distinguish particular storage facility from competitor products. Preferred partners are in close relationship with biotechnology and medical sector. Partners will operate under a license agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

A crucial innovative aspect of this software is the integrated approach to manage both - storage facilities and material stored therein. Once the virtual storage facilities are created in the software, only predefined i.e. described material can be virtually stored. Material describing takes place in separated yet connected register. This register enables not only to create a list of material available in the lab, but to enter vital data about the material origin, its purpose and usage instructions necessary for optimal and successful application of this material. Most importantly, since usage of temperature sensitive material is mostly time restricted, integrated software approach enables tracking of storage time and conditions for each material. Such comprehensive software approach results in clear advantages for end users in economic and optimal management of lab storage facilities and stored material. Thus, the software enables users to know what, where, how and in which amount is stored in their lab and how it should be used.
Original and user friendly software features include:
1) specific entry form available for each category of stored material;
2) defined obligatory data ensuring that minimal data entry;
3) non redundant data entry.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The software is already three years on the market with development taking place several years before marketing. Software consulting was provided by active researchers in the field of biomedicine. Intensive consulting and constant field testing resulted in innovative, feature rich and reliable software. The software is currently in use at several academic institutions conducting biomedical research.

Requested partner

Partners are sought among producers of storage facilities for biomedical research. Especially producers of cold storage facilities like liquid nitrogen tanks and freezers (-140oC, -80oC, -20oC) could benefit from our software either as added value for their products resulting in all-in-one solution or as a new product in their portfolio.
Partners will operate under a license agreement or manufacturing agreement.

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