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French company seeks research/technical cooperation agreements for its innovative microalgae based ingredient for animal feed

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20201116001
Publication Date: 20 November 2020


A French SME based in the south of France has developed a system to feed animals sustainably. They cultivate microalgae and transform it into quality ingredients for animal nutrition. Microalgae are a natural and sustainable source of protein and unique bioactives. The company is now looking for research/technical cooperation agreements in EU countries.


Located in Nice, in the south of France, the French company, created in April 2016, provides a sustainable system to feed the world. It is a unique technology that can cultivate microalgae in a biofilm using only water, sunlight, CO2 and minerals.  This process significantly increases productivity, resulting in more efficient use of resources. The patented process results in highly concentrated biomass that has unique physical and nutritional properties. Once harvested, it is transformed into ingredients for nutrition and health.

Microalgae production:
They convert natural resources into valuable biomass: water, sun, atmospheric CO2 and minerals... Their system contains no pesticides, toxic heavy metals or food industry waste. The system makes it possible to produce all year round by optimising the use of natural light. The microalgae used have been selected for their high growth capacity and nutritional qualities. These microalgae are guaranteed non-GMO.

Raw biomass is directly harvested as concentrated paste, which is then processed into specialty ingredients. The biomass is first rinsed to separate the microalgae and the extracellular matrix rich in exopolysaccharides. The microalgae hydrolysate is then either dried to produce a complete nutritional ingredient of high digestibility, or it is split to obtain an oil, rich in anti-oxidant pigments and omega-3, and a powder rich in proteins and sugars.

Responding to the health and nutritional needs of animals:
They offer a quality and sustainable alternative to fish meal. Their ingredients are natura, and suitable for the formulation of compound feed for aquaculture and livestock. New health ingredients with multiple applications. Their range of products is available for ingredient and additive processors, compound feed formulators and the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

The three main applications are: animal feed, prevention and animal health, and aquaculture.

The company is now looking for research/technical cooperation agreement in EU countries to co-develop animal feed formulation or to test/use their ingredient.

Advantages and Innovations

- Compared to crops: Non-GMO, no pesticides, requires 60 times less land.
- Highly digestible proteins which result in faster absorption, reducing waste and optimizing growth.
- 100 % natural: conversion of natural resources into valuable biomass: water, sun, atmospheric CO2 and minerals...
- Absorption of 2kg atmospheric CO2 per kg of algaemeal.

-70% less water and 50% less energy than existing microalgae production systems

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The French company would consider three types of partners:
-The partner sought would be a company willing to co-develop animal feed formulation based on the French company's ingredient.
-The partner sought would be an aquaculture farm willing to use animal feed based on the French company's ingredient.
-The partner sought would be a Contract Research Organization (CRO) willing to test and to prove the quality of the algae-based ingredient.

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

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