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Natural antimicrobial protection technology effective against surfaces contamination

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20200708001
Publication Date: 17 July 2020


A French company has developed a natural antimicrobial technology to avoid bacterial and viral contamination, based on a clean technology and using ceramic microspheres. Its action against viruses/bacteria is lab-tested.The technology can easily be integrated in conventional manufacturing processes without any modification.Technical cooperation  with companies willing to integrate the technology in their packaging or final products for cosmetics, pharmaceutics, industrial and food industries.


Avoiding the contamination of surfaces is of major importance today, especially to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, since the coronavirus can remain infectious for days on surfaces (up to 72h on plastic and steel). Maintaining microbiological hygiene on various kind of surfaces is also of interest for the pharma and cosmetic industries as well as the food sector and other industries: for bottles, containers, nozzlers, applicators accessories… 

The French company has developed and patented a natural protection technology that answers those needs; the process being in addition a cleantech and easy to integrate in the manufacturing process of the final product.

This protection relies on a microparticle technology which is then integrated to existing processes:
Spherical mineral microparticles (2-5 μm) are chemically synthesized thanks to the company’s patented process.

- For layer application with coatings and paints: the microspheres are mixed with coating/paint before application (spray gun,...)
- For integration in the entire thickness of the plastic materials: the microspheres are mixed by granulation/extrusion compounding to obtain plastic pellets, enriched uniformly with the microspheres. Those pellets are then transformed (parts, fibres, coating films…) with existing processes.

When the spheres are in contact with air humidity, a catalytic reaction takes place and creates reactive species that kill germs (viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast).

The efficiency against human coronaviruses and bacteria has been tested and certified by independent laboratories, according to ISO 21702 (viruses), ISO 22196 (bacteria) and JIS 2801:
- Coronavirus strain 229E: 99% destruction in 1 hour and >99.9% destruction in 24h.
- Bacteria: >99.999% in 24h

In the current period of health crisis, it can benefit hospitals, retirement homes, schools to protect tables, working areas …. It can also benefit all infrastructures open to public and/or subject to high hygiene standards.

Biotech, cosmetic and food industries can also be interested by adding easily a natural antimicrobial protection to their products (bottles, containers, nozzlers, applicators accessories…)

The French company is looking for technical cooperation with brand owners to develop and market a common product (their actual product or a new one integrating the French company’s technology).

Advantages and Innovations

- Fast and long lasting efficiency (laboratory-certified) :
* Coronavirus strain 229E: >99% destruction in 1 hour and >99.9% destruction in 24h.
* Bacteria: >99.999% in 24h
- Based on a mineral technology (not metallic), without release
- Cleantech process to produce the microspheres
- Micro-sized and not nano-sized particles
- Easily integrable in an existing manufacturing process (painting, coating, fibers…)
- FDA (Food and Drug Administration) / GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) compliance
- ECOCERT/COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) approved

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Qualified on large range of materials, industrial conversion processes (fibers, paint, varnish, plastics, rubber, ...)

Requested partner

Partners sought: brand owners, industrial manufacturers of goods, equipment, products or semi-products.

The French company will assist them with industrial qualification, regulatory/marketing assessment and market support to sale common products.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests