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French company producing new generation alcohol breathalyzer based on a miniaturized infrared spectroscopy technology is looking for technical cooperation agreements

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20200528001
Publication Date: 4 June 2020


The company based in Southern France produces a new generation alcohol breathalyzer based on a miniaturized infrared spectroscopy technology. Providing a great precision and reliability in an ergonomic designed and  handheld device, the company offers beyond the device associated services to end users (BtoC) and public authorities (BtoB).
The company aims now at finding technologial partners which could integrate their solution under licenses.


The company was created based on the following observations: 

- 50.000 people die each year in France because of alcohol (30% of all cancer deaths)
- 1.5 million people are medically taken care of each year in France because of alcohol
- 10 million people’s lives in France are negatively impacted directly or indirectly by alcohol
- On the roads, alcohol is one of the leading cause of death
- 20% of work-related accidents are related to alcohol

This observation might be very similar from a country to another.
Several studies and the company state that alcohol deaths are preventable and must be reduced with the right tools.
Assessing, measuring and monitoring are the keys for a good alcohol management.
The device produced by the company is a reliable and usable solution for consumers & professionals.

The device in question relies on following specifications:
- Dimension : 0,98 x 0,98 x 7,28 inches / Weight : 60 g
- Battery : Li-ion 860 mAh / up to 100 test before recharging.
- OLED display with 4 digits test results
- Command button including switch on & off, test counter, battery state
- A sensor which provides test the alcohol concentration
- A replaceable mouthpiece

The device is connected by bluetooth to any smartphone and provides an information which is supported by a service.
The service is able to provide help while testing, to take a picture of the tested person, to send report, to store & display historical data and to estimate the expected time to return to zero.

The technology on which the device is based relies on a patented miniaturized infrared spectroscopy.
On this device, the detection is based on the absorbption of a specific Infrared ray by the alcohol (ethanol) contained in a human breath sampled in a tube. The product delivers a signal proportional to the alcohol concentration.

The company producing the device was created in 2013 and is located in Southern France and owns 5000 sqft facilities. The team is composed of 26 employees who work together and belong following skills: infrared optic, thermodynamics / aeraulic, electronic / software, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and manufacturing.
With 2 patents, the company managed to get a unique position on the French market by providing a disruptive alcohol breathalyzer. Their product is sold through distribution agreements with retailers and through public contracts.

The company aims now at identifying partners able to integrate their technology on a local market under a technical agreement or a license agreement. Therefore, the SME would like to find companies which can develop and spread its technology in EU countries especially in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Advantages and Innovations


* Patented miniaturized infrared spectroscopy technology
• Tracks continuously the alcohol concentration while breathing : detect mouth alcohol causing false-positive response


• Infrared technology is the golden standard for evidential tester thanks to its accuracy capability
• Low performances drift over time : no frequent calibration
• No replacement of the sensor needed
* Integrated estimation on when the person will return below the legal limit
* Accuracy with 4-Digit OLED Results Display
* Easy Maintenance with nearly zero measurement drift over the product's lifetime
* Easy to Use : handheld, rechargeable and connected to services which provide store & display data and send reports

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner sought should be a an operator of public security (police) or a provider of solution to public authorities.

The company should have a complementary range of technologies and products in order to avoid competing offers. The ideal partner should have an excellent knowledge of public security stakeholders and public procurement processes.

The company is preferably looking for partners in Germany, Spain and Italy to work under a technological agreement.

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Spain, Italy

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests