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Linkers/coupling agents design, synthesis and use for surface functionalization

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20200407001
Publication Date: 6 May 2020


A French SME specialized in the field of chemistry collaborates in national or European projects as partner or subcontractor. The company produces linkers which are aimed to be grafted onto surfaces or used as additives to provide new properties to materials. 

The company provides support for the surface modification process. The company is interested in technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreement.


A French SME specialized in the field of organic and materials chemistry offers surface treatment services for existing materials, based on its strong knowledges for tailor-made design, synthesis and scale-up (until kg-scale) of linkers, coupling agents, ligands and additives. 
These molecules are aimed to be grafted (covalent bonding) onto surfaces or at the interfaces to form organic nanocoatings or used as additives in organic matrices (for instance polymers) to provide new properties to materials: anti-icing, easy-to-clean, passivation, coating adhesion, bio-immobilisation, filler compatibilization, lubrification, etc.

The surface functionalization by grafting linkers is suitable for various types of materials (metals, oxides, glass, etc.), no matter their shapes: flat, porous, nanostructured, powders, (nano)particles in dispersion or dried, etc. Forming self-assembled monolayers, the linkers provide a transparent coating with a thickness of few nanometers.
According to the high possibilities of end-functions available on the linkers, this way of surface functionalization leads to various properties – from bio-immobilisation to anti-corrosion or easy-to-clean – which enables their use in all domains using functional materials: healthcare, automotive industry, catalysis, aerospace, paints and many more.

According to its strong background in surface modification, the company also provides support and advice for the surface modification process.

The company is looking for partnership with industrial end-users or R&D services companies from material sciences or healthcare sectors through technical cooperation agreement.

The company is also interested to participate in European research projects involving chemistry or materials science, as a part of the consortium or as subcontractor.

Advantages and Innovations

The advantage of collaborating with this French SME is the duality of their skills:
- Design, synthesis and production of the linkers
- Advise and implementation for surface functionalization regarding the specifications

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Several coupling agents and linkers are already available in the catalog of linkers, for tailor-made molecules it is not the case. The use of these molecules can be developed during the project.

Requested partner

The company offers surface treatment for existing materials. 

The company is looking for two types of partners from material sciences or healthcare sectors :
- industrial end-users
- R&D services companies

The role of the partner sought will be to test performance of the linkers used in partners' materials and validate the technology in partners' field of application, under a technical cooperation agreement.

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